Metro College Success Program (Metro)

About the Metro College Success Program

The Metro College Success Program (Metro) uses targeted outreach to support first-generation, low-income, and historically underrepresented students in their success at San Francisco State University. Each Metro Academy is a learning community with personalized in-class academic support, advising, and tutoring.

Why Metro?

Adjusting to college can be challenging. Learning in a small, supportive community of students and faculty can help students thrive throughout their first two years. Metro’s goal is to help students graduate in a timely manner and gain the skills they need to succeed in college and find a meaningful career.

A Learning Community for the First Two Years of College

The Metro College Success Program (Metro) was developed to support the next generation of leaders in urban communities. Each Metro Academy is a 'school within a school' to give students an educational home in their first two years of college. Metro gives students personalized support for college success through in-class academic support and tutoring. At the core of Metro is a learning cohort made up of linked courses each semester, pairing a general education course and a Metro course. In Metro, students will build a solid foundation for college success and meaningful work in a variety of careers.

Who Can Apply to Metro

First- and second-semester freshmen who are able to attend full-time are eligible to submit a Metro application. High school seniors accepted to SF State are also eligible to apply. AB 540/undocumented students are encouraged to apply.

Find out more about Metro and how to apply here. Students can also inquire about the program in HSS 301 or call (415) 338–3034.

Metro Themes Provide Exposure to a Variety of Majors

Metro students are grouped in communities to prepare for a variety of majors and fields of interest. Metro has academies with the following fields of interest, with at least one academy in each college at SF State. Metro also welcomes students who have not yet declared a major or with any field of interest outside of those listed below. Click on links to learn more about each academy.