Certificate in Holistic Health Studies

Holistic Health Advisors: Burke, Burrows, Daubenmier, Harvey, Peper

The Certificate in Holistic Health Studies is available to degree and non-degree students. The certificate is offered by IHHS as a resource for healthcare professionals seeking career enrichment and for those pursuing growth and a deeper understanding of holistic health.

Note: Non-degree students apply through the College of Professional & Global Education, (415) 405-7700. For additional information, visit www.cel.sfsu.edu.

Institute for Holistic Health Studies

The Certificate in Holistic Health Studies is available to anyone admitted through the College of Professional & Global Education/Open University. It is also available to matriculated students who have completed the minor in Holistic Health Studies. The curriculum includes an additional eight units beyond the units required for the minor. The certificate is ideally suited for individuals who already have an academic degree, who are already in a health profession, or who may be exploring career options. Also, since a holistic health perspective encourages self-care and self-regulation, the program can be an excellent choice for stress reduction, personal growth, and health promotion. Classes can also be taken without enrolling in the program, an ideal way to explore specific interests. (See the description of the program below.)

Holistic Health Studies, Certificate  30 Units

Completion of Minor (22 Units)

(see minor)

Required Course (3 Units)

HH 680Holistic Health Internship Seminar3

Electives (5 Units)

Elective units can be selected from remaining Holistic Health Studies courses or from any appropriate course (on advisement) from across the campus. Examples of appropriate courses outside of the HHS curriculum would include:

ANTH 581Anthropology and Folklore3
BIOL 318Our Endangered Planet3
BUS 450Greening of Business3
CHIN 101First Semester Chinese4
RPT 205Adventure Travel3
RRS 276Race, Activism and Climate Justice3
PSY 442Health Psychology3
PH 210Personal and Social Determinants of Health3
Other electives with approval of Holistic Health advisor

Note: Students fulfilling the Holistic Health Studies Minor or Certificate Program may be eligible to apply for a Certification in Stress Management Education given by the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA). Also, students who take the Holistic Health Studies biofeedback courses and fulfill some additional requirements may be eligible to apply for BCIA Biofeedback Certification. See a Holistic Health Studies advisor for details.