Bachelor of Arts in Journalism: Concentration in Print and Online Journalism – Transfer Roadmap

This roadmap is a suggested plan of study and does not replace meeting with an advisor. Please note that students may need to adjust the actual sequence of courses based on course availability. Please consult an advisor in your major program for further guidance.

This is a suggested path of study for students transferring into the Journalism: Concentration in Print/Online Journalism program. This path of study assumes that all lower-division GE courses, as well as JOUR 205 , JOUR 221, and JOUR 235 have been fulfilled. JOUR 226 may also have been fulfilled prior to transfer.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterUnits
JOUR 222 Newswriting Lab (Major Core) 1
JOUR 226 Digital News Gathering (Major Core) 3
or Minor if JOUR 226 already fulfilled 1
JOUR 300GW Reporting - GWAR (Major Core) 3
JOUR 304 Cultural Diversity and News Media (Major Core, AERM, SJ) 3
Minor (12-28 units) - Take One 1 3
GE Area UD-B: Upper-Division Physical and/or Life Sciences (Consider SF State Studies Course) 3
Second Semester
JOUR 307 News Media Law (Major Core) 3
JOUR 330 Editing (Major Concentration) 3
Select One (Major Concentration): 3
Online Journalism  
Multimedia Journalism  
Writing Course (Major Concentration) - Select One 2 3
GE Area UD-C: Upper-Division Arts and/or Humanities (Consider SF State Studies Course) 3
Third Semester
JOUR 310 Journalism Ethics (Major Core) 3
Select One (Major Practicum): 3
Magazine Publication Lab  
Newspaper Publication Laboratory  
Minor (12-28 units) - Take One 1 3
Advanced Journalism Elective (6 units) - Take One 3 3
GE Area UD-D: Upper-Division Social Sciences (Consider SF State Studies Course) 3
Fourth Semester
JOUR 695 Senior Seminar (Major Capstone) 3
Minor (12-28 units) - Take Three 1 9
Univeristy Elective 3
 Total Units61