Certificate in Modern Language Learning and Teaching

The Certificate in Modern Language Learning and Teaching offers a pathway to students from any undergraduate major at SF State to teaching World Languages (other than English) in the US to both second/foreign and heritage language learners in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. While the certificate does not provide a California Teaching Credential, it prepares students for teaching or tutoring in private schools, Saturday Schools, and language institutes that do not require teaching credentials.

Designed to be completed in one or two years, the program provides students with content knowledge, research-informed teaching strategies, and effective technology applications to support language learning, as well as up to 15 hours of hands-on classroom or tutoring experience.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and pedagogical skills for the teaching of Modern Languages.
  2. Articulate a philosophy of teaching and create appropriate lessons for traditional and heritage-language learners.
  3. Produce critical reflections on language teaching practices, materials and digital tools, for how they embody education values of ethics, social justice, diversity, and globalization.

Modern Language Learning and Teaching Certificate — 12 units

ENG 426Second Language Acquisition3
MLL 523Practicum in Language Tutoring3
MLL 603Technology in Language Learning and Teaching3
MLL 608Language Teaching in Multilingual Contexts3