Certificate in International Business

College of Extended Learning 

Dean: Dr. Alex Hwu 

Center for Global Engagement
1600 Holloway Ave, Hum 101
San Francisco, CA 94132
Phone: 415-338-1438
Email: celglobal@sfsu.edu
Website: https://cel.sfsu.edu/global


The Certificate in International Business is designed to offer international students and non-matriculated U.S. residents the opportunity to acquire competencies in international business in two semesters. The program consists of eight specified courses that focus on conceptual, theoretical, and practical skills as well as overall knowledge of international business. Although the program does not lead to a degree in international business, it prepares students to seek a career or advancement in international business. The award of a certificate means the holder has completed the required courses at an acceptable level of academic accomplishment. The certificate indicates to a prospective employer that the University validates the certificate program in international business.

Admission Requirements

Selection for admission to the program will be based on student objectives, academic background, and recommendations as appropriate. In order to be admitted to the program, a candidate should have completed the equivalent of 56 units or more of undergraduate courses through coursework and/or appropriate professional or other preparation. Grades in coursework completed should be of an average level equivalent to a GPA of 2.3 or higher on a 4.0 U.S. scale, or an equivalent combination of educational and professional preparation, in her/his home country. English language ability must be demonstrated through submission of proof of English Proficiency as listed at https://cel.sfsu.edu/global/english-proficiency

Admission Procedures

See https://cel.sfsu.edu/international-business/apply for detailed instructions on how to apply.

Award of the Certificate

The certificate will be awarded by the dean of the College of Extended Learning and will also be signed by the coordinator of the certificate program. Notice of issuance of the certificate will be entered on the student’s official academic record. Students who have specific educational or career needs may be allowed to vary selection of courses in the program after consulting with and obtaining written approval from the program coordinator. 

International Business Certificate — 24 units

First Semester (12 units)

IBUS 330International Business and Multicultural Relations3
IBUS 430Import-Export Management and Small Business Operations3
IBUS 681Seminar in Comparative Management3


Select one of the following area study courses:3
Doing Business in Latin America
Doing Business in Greater China
Doing Business in Europe
Doing Business in Asia-Pacific Countries
Doing Business in Japan
Doing Business in Emerging Markets

Second Semester (12 units)

IBUS 590International Environmental Analysis3
IBUS 690Global Strategic Management3


Select two of the following:6
Advanced Import-Export Management
Legal Environment of World Business
Cross-Cultural Innovation and Creativity in Business and Management
Careers in International Business
Internship in International Business
Research in International Business and the Global Market
Global Leadership and Cultural Competencies
Introduction to International Business Negotiation
Social Entrepreneurship in a Global Context
Independent Study