Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ADN-BSN)

The ADN-BSN Program is a collaborative model for academic progression in Nursing between San Francisco State University's School of Nursing and designated California Community College (CCC) partners. This program is designed for students who meet General Education and community partner degree requirements to earn both ADN and BSN degrees in two and a half years through full-time study. Admission to this program is concurrent with the admission to the Associate Degree Nursing Program (ADN) at the College of San Mateo and City College of San Francisco (CCSF). The curriculum allows credit for some previous coursework and with transcript evaluation and may provide up to 20 units for successfully passing the nursing licensure exam (NCLEX) for the State of California.  After successful admission to both the ADN and ADN-BSN program, the students will be taking extra classes during the semester and summer. After completion of the ADN program, passing of the NCLEX exam and one last full-time semester in the ADN-BSN Program, the student will receive a BSN degree from San Francisco State University School of Nursing.

Current Community College Partner:

College of San Mateo

City College of San Francisco

Admission/Application Information

  • Spring entry only, application period: August. Please check the School of Nursing website for specific dates and application process.
  • Both the School of Nursing supplemental application and the University application must be submitted for those applicants who are not already SF State students.
  • The maximum number of transferable units is 70.

Admission Criteria

  • Eligible for undergraduate or post-baccalaureate admission to the University.
  • A nursing prerequisite GPA of 3.0 or better at the time of the School of Nursing supplemental application.
  • All nursing prerequisites completed with a grade of C or better.
  • Must be a California resident or be eligible for in-state tuition.
  • Must be an incoming ADN student of College of San Mateo or City College of San Francisco
  • Alumni of the College of San Mateo ADN Program or alumni of the City College of San Francisco may apply on a space available basis.

Nursing Prerequisites — 28 Units

Students planning to obtain the ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) and then complete the BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) at San Francisco State should complete all requirements listed below at CSM or CCSF.  See an ADN advisor at CSM or CCSF or use to identify the courses at CSM or CCSF that are equivalent to the courses below.

BIOL 210
BIOL 211
General Microbiology and Public Health
and General Microbiology and Public Health Laboratory
BIOL 220Principles of Human Anatomy 14
or BIOL 328 Human Anatomy
BIOL 212
BIOL 213
Principles of Human Physiology
and Principles of Human Physiology Laboratory
CHEM 101
CHEM 102
Survey of Chemistry
and Survey of Chemistry Laboratory 2
COMM 150Fundamentals of Oral Communication3
ENG 114Writing the First Year: Finding Your Voice3
MATH 124Elementary Statistics3
PHIL 110Introduction to Critical Thinking I3

Either anatomy course must include a laboratory component if taken at another university.


This is an integrated course in which students are introduced to topics in general, organic, and biochemistry. Standalone general, inorganic, or organic chemistry courses will also fulfill the chemistry requirement.

All SF State BSN undergraduate nursing courses listed below, which are required for licensure by the CA Board of Registered Nurses, will be deemed “met” upon completion of the ADN program at CSM or CCSF.

NURS 310Human Development and Health Assessment Theory3
NURS 311Human Development and Health Assessment Lab2
NURS 314Health Promotion in Nursing3
NURS 315Health Promotions in Nursing - Practicum2
NURS 326Reproductive Health Theory3
NURS 327Reproductive Health Practicum3
NURS 328Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Theory3
NURS 329Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Practicum3
NURS 350Nursing Interventions Practicum I2
NURS 410Nursing Care of Children Theory3
NURS 411Nursing Care of Children Practicum3
NURS 420Nursing Care of Adults Theory3
NURS 421Nursing Care of Adults Practicum3
NURS 450Nursing Interventions Lab II2

The ADN-BSN Course of Study — 18 Units

The requirements below reflect only the Nursing courses offered by San Francisco State University. Students accepted into the program receive 20 additional units of upper-division nursing credit for successfully passing the NCLEX–RN licensure exam. Additionally, students must complete upper-division general education courses in areas UD-B and UD-C to meet SFSU GE requirements and may need to take two additional SFSU courses (6 units) to meet residency requirements and 120 units needed for a bachelor’s degree.

General Education Requirements Met in Nursing Courses

The requirements below are deemed “met in the major” upon completion of the courses listed (even though the courses and their prerequisites are not approved for GE). This is true whether or not the student completes the major.

NURS 300Bridge to Professional Nursing3
NURS 312GWResearch and Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing - GWAR3
NURS 522Chronic Care and End of Life Care Theory3
NURS 558Professional Practice Concepts Theory3
NURS 530Community Health and Global Perspectives Theory3
NURS 531Community Health and Global Perspectives Practicum3

General Education Requirements

Requirement Course Level Units Area Designation
Oral Communication LD 3 A1
Written English Communication LD 3 A2
Critical Thinking LD 3 A3
Physical Science LD 3 B1
Life Science LD 3 B2
Lab Science LD 1 B3
Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning LD 3 B4
Arts LD 3 C1
Humanities LD 3 C2
Arts or Humanities LD 3 C1 or C2
Social Sciences LD 3 D1
Social Sciences: US History LD 3 D2
Lifelong Learning and Self-Development (LLD) LD 3 E
Ethnic Studies LD 3 F
Physical and/or Life Science UD 3 UD-B
Arts and/or Humanities UD 3 UD-C
Social Sciences UD 3 UD-D
SF State Studies
Courses certified as meeting the SF State Studies requirements may be upper or lower division in General Education (GE), a major or minor, or an elective.
American Ethnic and Racial Minorities LD or UD 3 AERM
Environmental Sustainability LD or UD 3 ES
Global Perspectives LD or UD 3 GP
Social Justice LD or UD 3 SJ

Note: LD = Lower-Division; UD = Upper-Division.

Transfer Roadmap CSM

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Transfer Roadmap CCSF

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