Early Childhood Special Education Credential: Special Education

The Education Specialist Preliminary Credential program in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) is committed to preparing individuals to lead and collaborate as educators in a variety of early childhood settings that include young children with disabilities. This includes settings in which children are receiving special education services through early intervention (birth – age 3) as well as within early childhood education programs (preschool, transitional kindergarten, and kindergarten). Coursework, field experiences/ student teaching (600 total hours), and other related activities within the credential program have a foundation in inclusion and equity-centered practices, emphasizing service delivery that is asset-based, culturally-responsive, and interdisciplinary. Individuals will gain knowledge and skills that will prepare them to support the learning and development of young children in partnerships with their families and communities. 

Early Childhood Special Education Credential: Special Education

Core (15 units)

SPED 747Physical Disabilities and Sensory Impairments3
SPED 788Law, Ethics, and Instructional Planning3
Select One:3
Nature of the Autism Spectrum
Communication, Behavior and Instructional Supports: Autism
SPED 801Development, Diversity, and English Language Learners: Special Education3
Health Education Requirement 13

Advanced Methods Courses (21 units)

SPED 671Positive Behavior Support for Young Children3
SPED 737Inclusive Learning and Supports in Early Intervention (Infants & Toddlers)3
SPED 738Inclusive Curriculum Development and Supports in Early Childhood Settings (Preschool - Kindergarten)3
SPED 777Introduction to Disability, Development, and Equity for Young Children and Their Families3
SPED 779Family-Centered Practices and Services for Young Children with Disabilities3
SPED 780Equitable Assessment Practices for Young Children with Disabilities and Their Families3
SPED 885Allyship, Leadership, and Collaboration for Young Children with Disabilities3

Clinical Fieldwork & Student Teaching (16-20 units)

SPED 601Observation and Participation in Special Education1-3
SPED 701Education Specialist Intern Teacher Support Seminar 23
SPED 729Student Teaching Workshop: Early Childhood Special Education1
SPED 730Student Teaching: Special Education9
SPED 731Special Education Field Experience3

A list of CTC approved health education courses is available on the department website: https://sped.sfsu.edu/content/forms-0


Required only for intern teachers.