Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering

For more information, including advice on how to apply and obtain the certificate, please visit the department's website.

Admissions Requirements and Procedure

Selection for admission to the program will be based on applicants’ academic background, work experience, and personal recommendations. We have two distinctive admissions procedures: one for matriculated graduate students at SF State and another for area professionals and non-SF State students who have completed a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college with a 3.0 GPA or better.

A continuing SF State graduate student wishing to be admitted to a graduate certificate program at San Francisco State University is expected to follow the University requirements and procedures outlined herein. Such requirements and procedures may include a supplementary application, a defined set of prerequisite courses, a designated GPA, written recommendations, etc., as may be appropriate for the program in question. To start the admission process please compete the form Certificate Admissions Application for Continuing SF State Graduate Students and sign it with DocuSign application. Student will be then be contacted by graduate office and/or designated advisor.

For non-matriculated SF State students, the certificate is available through application to CalState Apply for any student applicant who is eligible to take the required courses and has earned a Bachelor’s degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

1. Learn modern software engineering technologies used to develop, test, deploy, and manage software (SW) applications.

2. Learn best practices of modern software engineering processes and organization including those applicable to global (distributed) organization of SW projects.

3. Learn to apply modern tools for team-based SW development.

4. Learn to apply best practices of effective SE teamwork in locally and globally organized projects.

5. Learn selected advanced SE technologies and topics via elective course offerings.

Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering - 12 units

Core Requirements (6 units)

CSC 847Cloud and Distributed Computing: Concepts and Applications3
CSC 848Software Engineering3

Core Options (3 units)

Select one:

CSC 780Application Development for Mobile Devices3
CSC 867Internet Application Design and Development3

Elective (3 units)

Select one:

CSC 720Advanced Operating Systems3
CSC 746High-Performance Computing3
CSC 841Computer Performance Evaluation3
CSC 842Human-Computer Interaction3
CSC 847Cloud and Distributed Computing: Concepts and Applications3
CSC 849Search Engines3
CSC 868Advanced Object Oriented Software Design and Development3
CSC 874Topics in Big Data Analysis3
CSC 899Independent Study3