Certificate in Historical Research (Honors)


For admission to the Certificate in Historical Research (Honors), students must meet the following requirements:

  • An overall GPA of 3.25
  • at least 60 units completed, and
  • acceptance of a thesis proposal by a faculty member in the History department.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will apply research methodologies to the analysis of primary source evidence to make compelling, original arguments about the past, situating their conclusions within the debates among historians. (Research Skills)
  2. Students will organize evidence, communicate complex information, tell engaging stories, and persuade their audience in a full-length thesis that communicates original research. (Communication Skills)
  3. Students will apply knowledge and understanding gained within disciplinary studies in History and, in many cases, allied disciplines within frameworks that mobilize concepts, ethics, methods, and theory relevant to the study of the past. (Understanding)

Historical Research (Honors): Certificate – 15-23 units


For admission to the Certificate in Historical Research (Honors), students must meet the following requirements:

  • An overall GPA of 3.25,
  • at least 60 units completed, and
  • acceptance of a thesis proposal by a faculty member in the History department.

Required Courses (9 units)

HIST 300GWSeminar in Historical Analysis - GWAR3
HIST 640
or HIST 642
or HIST 644
HIST 697Honors Thesis3

Electives (6 units)

  • Six units of upper-division courses with the HIST prefix. May include additional proseminars (HIST 640 or HIST 642 or HIST 644), but not independent study courses (HIST 699) or internships (HIST 698). Students enrolled in the History BA may double count these courses. Students enrolled in other majors may double count these courses in their major with the permission of their department.
HIST 304Teaching History with Comics3
HIST 307Monsters & Monstrosity: Historicizing Fear3
HIST 313Comparative History of Love and Sexuality3
HIST/HUM 315History of Science from the Scientific Revolution3
HIST/JS 317The Holocaust and Genocide3
HIST 320Archaic and Classical Greece3
HIST 321Hellenistic Greece3
HIST 322The Roman Republic3
HIST 323Imperial Rome3
HIST 325
HIST 326The Byzantine Empire3
or CLAS 510 The Byzantine Empire
or MGS 510 The Byzantine Empire
HIST 327The Medieval Mediterranean3
HIST 328Pagans and Christians in a Changing Roman World3
HIST 329Early Christian Church 313-7873
HIST 330/HUM 403Vikings, Caliphs, & Carolingians: Europe in the Early Middle Ages3
HIST 331/HUM 404The High Middle Ages3
HIST 334The Renaissance3
HIST 3363
HIST 3373
HIST 3383
HIST 342French Revolution and Napoleon3
HIST 344Society, Culture, and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Europe3
HIST/I R 346Europe since 19143
HIST 347Women in Modern Europe3
HIST/HUM 348Thought and Culture in Modern Europe3
HIST 349Topics in European History3
HIST/MGS 350Greece and the Balkans3
HIST 385The Russian Revolution3
HIST 3863
HIST 3873
HIST 3893
HIST 390Era of the World Wars 1918 to 19453
HIST 4003
HIST 405Maritime History3
HIST 416/JS 548The Jewish Sixties: A Journey Through The Social Protest Movements of the 1960s3
HIST 418Society and Politics in American History3
HIST 420American Colonial History3
HIST/JS 421Food Fights: The Politics of American Jewish Consumption from 1654 to the Present3
HIST 422The American Revolution3
HIST 424History of the United States: Civil War and Reconstruction3
HIST 426History of the United States 1877-19163
HIST 427History of the United States 1916-19453
HIST 428U.S. History in the Civil Rights Era, 1945-19803
HIST/HUM/JS 441American Jews and Popular Culture3
HIST 4483
HIST/JS 449American Jewish History3
HIST 450History of California3
HIST 451/A U 303Bay Area History and Society3
HIST 455The Philippines and the United States3
HIST 460The United States and the World Before 19133
HIST 461The United States and the World after 19133
HIST 4623
HIST 464American Ethnic and Racial Relations to 18903
HIST 465American Ethnic and Racial Relations II: 1890-Present3
HIST 466/RRS 600History of People of Color in the U.S.3
HIST 467Women in the U.S. to 18903
HIST 468Women in the U.S.: 1890-Present3
HIST 469American Childhoods: Past and Present3
HIST 470The U.S. Constitution to 18963
HIST 471The U.S. Constitution Since 18963
HIST 472The Supreme Court and Social Change in U.S. History3
HIST/LABR/RRS 473Slavery and Antislavery in the United States3
HIST/ECON/LABR 474History of Labor in the United States3
HIST 475History of Sexuality in the United States Before 19003
HIST 4763
HIST 478American Popular Culture History: Barnum to Reality TV3
HIST 479The History of Baseball3
HIST/HUM 480Thought and Culture in America to 18803
HIST/HUM 481Thought and Culture in America: 1880 to the Present3
HIST/RELS 482Religion in America3
HIST 484Disability and Culture in the U.S.3
HIST 485History of Sexuality in the United States Since 19003
HIST 489/USP 400Dynamics of the American City3
HIST 490Topics in American History3
HIST 5003
HIST 5013
HIST 5203
HIST 5243
HIST 5283
HIST 5353
HIST 5503
HIST 5693
HIST 5703
HIST 5713
HIST 5723
HIST 5753
HIST 5783
HIST 5823
HIST 5833
HIST 5843
HIST 5853
HIST 5863
HIST 5883
HIST 5903
HIST 6003
HIST 6033
HIST 6043
HIST 6053
HIST 6063
HIST 6073
HIST 6093
HIST 6103
HIST 6113
HIST 6123
HIST 6193
HIST 6203
HIST 6323
HIST 6333
HIST 6403
HIST 6423
HIST 6443

Auxiliary Skill (0-8 units)

To complete the certificate, students must demonstrate mastery of an auxiliary skill through one of the three following options:

  • Two semester-length courses in a college-level language with a grade of B or better, or
  • Equivalent proficiency in a foreign language based on successful completion of an examination to be administered by faculty within the History Department, or
  • Two semester-length courses in auxiliary skills such as digital history/humanities, oral history, statistics, or others, by advisement.
Any Semester-Length College-Level Course in a Language3-4
ANTH 652Anthropological Statistics4
CSC 306An Interdisciplinary Approach to Computer Programming3
CSC 307An Interdisciplinary Approach to Web Programming3
GEOG 203Geographical Measurement3
GEOG 205Geographic Techniques3
HIST 302
HIST 303Introduction to Oral and Public History: The Bay Area3
HIST 660
M S 201Introduction to the History and Development of Museums3
M S 202Introduction to Museum Exhibits3
M S 780Cultural Heritage Preservation3
MATH 338Introduction to SAS3
SOC 293
SOC 393Quantitative Analysis of Social Data4