Minor in Chinese Language

Chinese Language Minor — 18 units

The Minor in Chinese is aimed at beginning-level learners with little or no background in the Chinese Language.

A minimum of 6 upper-division units are required to complete the minor.

All coursework used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Note: Native speakers of Chinese and international students who have completed secondary and/or tertiary education in the Chinese language in a Chinese-speaking country are discouraged from choosing this minor.

Lower-Division Core (12 units)1

CHIN 101First Semester Chinese4
CHIN 102Second Semester Chinese4
CHIN 103Third Semester Chinese4

Up to 9 units from the lower-division core can be replaced with high school Advanced Placement (AP) examination credit (see University guidelines). With the permission of a Chinese Program advisor, students able to demonstrate a higher level of Chinese language proficiency may also replace lower-division core units with upper-division Chinese language units.

Upper-Division Core (6 units)

Select Two:

CHIN 303Intermediate Chinese3
CHIN 311Conversation and Reading3
CHIN 312Speech and Writing3

NOTE: REGARDING STUDY ABROAD (applies to all Chinese degrees, concentrations, and minors):
Students are encouraged to study abroad through the International Programs of the California State University and the Bilateral Programs of San Francisco State University. For students opting to study abroad, all study abroad units will count as units in residence and can be used for graduation credit, but no more than half of the units required for the major or minor may be taken outside of the home campus. Flagship Language Concentration students, however, may apply all of their Study Abroad units towards the major. 

The following Advanced Placement (AP) scores in Chinese Language and Culture will result in the award of units that can be applied towards the Chinese major/minor. 

  • AP Chinese Score=3 results in award of 4 units to be used towards waiver of CHIN 101 First Semester Chinese.
  • AP Chinese Score=4 results in award of 8 units to be used towards waiver of CHIN 101 First Semester Chinese and CHIN 102 Second Semester Chinese
  • AP Chinese Score=5 results in award of 12 units to be used towards waiver of CHIN 101 First Semester Chinese, CHIN 102 Second Semester Chinese, and CHIN 103 Third Semester Chinese.