Minor in Women and Gender Studies

Women and Gender Studies Minor - 15 units

All coursework used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Required Courses (6 units)

Select One:3
Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
Introduction to Feminism and the State
Introduction to Feminist Disability Studies
Introduction to Feminist Science Studies
WGS 300GWGender, Race, and Nation - GWAR3

Electives (9 units)

Select one course from any three of the following areas for a total of three courses. Students may not select multiple courses in the same area.


WGS 105Feminism and Self-Care: Perspectives and Practices1
WGS 303Women as Creative Agents3
WGS 305Women and Gender Studies Lecture Series3
WGS 400That's Not What I Said: Feminism, Oral History, and Research Methods in Women and Gender Studies3
WGS 602Feminist Cultural Activism3
WGS 698Feminist Praxis and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex3

Body Politics

WGS 552Transgender Identities and Communities3
WGS 554Gender and Global Migration3
WGS 563Gender, Sexuality, and the Politics of Mobility3
WGS 591Critical Approaches to Transgender Health, Science, and Medicine3
WGS 593Gender, Health, and the Environment3
WGS 601Gender, Tourism, and Neoliberalism3
WGS 612Queer Theory3
WGS/AIS 681Genetics, Biotechnology, and the Politics of Difference3

Power and Violence

WGS 160Gender, Politics, and Citizenship3
WGS 511Women and Violence3
WGS 513Gender, War, and Militarism3
WGS 514Women and the Prison Industrial Complex3
WGS 534Gender and the Law3
WGS 536Gender, Globalization, and Women's Human Rights3
WGS 571Gender, Poverty, and Globalization3

Culture, Media, and Art

WGS 304Gender and Popular Culture3
WGS 516Gender and Visual Culture3
WGS 542Gender and Popular Music3
WGS 548Literature by U.S. Women of Color3
WGS/SXS 551Queer Literatures and Media3
WGS 580Feminism and the Speculative: Another World is Possible3

Social Movements

WGS 515Gender, Race, and Reproduction3
WGS 541Women Writers and Social Change3
WGS 561Women, Ethnicity, and Social Movements3
WGS 562History of African American Women3
WGS 564Women Writers and the Politics of Decolonization3
WGS 565Muslim Feminisms3
WGS 578Women, Globalization, and Ecology3
WGS 621Feminist Theories3