Mesa Engineering Program (MEP)

This program is currently inactive and will be reactivated in the near future.

Students can find a strong base of support while pursuing their degrees in SF State’s School of Engineering. This support came about to assist historically under-represented but motivated students who chose to major in engineering. The School of Engineering introduced the MESA Engineering Program (MEP) in 1985.

MEP recruits and retains students in SF State’s engineering program and provides career planning and assistance services. Throughout their studies, the people in the program receive academic support, and personal and academic counseling to keep them on track toward their degrees. Success in engineering requires strong foundations in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, chemistry, and physics. The MEP is here to assist.

MEP helps participating students graduate and enter the job market with the skills and confidence they need to succeed as engineers. Often alumni professionals augment the program by serving as primary role models and mentors for students who are beginning to plan their futures.

Students are encouraged to apply for admission to the MEP program. Space, resources, and certain types of assistance may be limited; however, all students are encouraged to contact the MEP for information. All applicants must satisfy the general requirements for admission to SF State.