Bachelor of Arts in Journalism: Concentration in Photojournalism – Transfer Roadmap

This roadmap is a suggested plan of study and does not replace meeting with an advisor. Please note that students may need to adjust the actual sequence of courses based on course availability. Please consult an advisor in your major program for further guidance.

This is a suggested path of study for students transferring into the Journalism: Concentration in Photojournalism program. This path of study assumes that all lower-division GE courses, as well as JOUR 205 and JOUR 221 have been fulfilled. JOUR 226 and JOUR 235 may also have been fulfilled prior to transfer.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterUnits
JOUR 222 Newswriting Lab (Major Core) 1
JOUR 300GW Reporting - GWAR (Major Core) 3
Select One: 3
Introduction to Multimedia Journalism (Major Core)
Photojournalism I: Foundations of Photojournalism (Major Concentration, C1)
University Elective if JOUR 226 and JOUR 235 have already been fulfilled
Select One (Major Core): 3
Cultural Diversity and News Media (AERM, SJ)
News Media Law
Journalism Ethics (UD-C)
Minor (12-28 units) - Take One 1 3
GE Area UD-B: Upper-Division Physical and/or Life Sciences 3
Second Semester
Select One (Major Core): 3
Cultural Diversity and News Media (AERM, SJ)
News Media Law
Journalism Ethics (UD-C)
JOUR 335 Photojournalism II: Staff Photojournalism (Major Concentration) 3
Select One (Major Concentation): 3
Online Journalism
Video Journalism
Minor (12-28 units) - Take Two 1 6
Third Semester
Select One (Major Core): 3
Cultural Diversity and News Media (AERM, SJ)
News Media Law
Journalism Ethics (UD-C)
JOUR 435 Photojournalism III: Editorial Photography and Business Practices (Major Concentration) 3
Select One (Major Practicum): 3
Magazine Publication Lab
JOUR 607
Newspaper Publication Laboratory
Minor (12-28 units) - Take One 1 3
GE Area UD-D: Upper-Division Social Sciences 3
Fourth Semester
JOUR 535 Photojournalism IV: Documentary Capstone (Major Capstone) 3
Minor (12-28 units) - Take Three 1 9
Major Elective - Take One 2 3
 Total Units61

List of Approved Minors (12-28 units)

A Journalism major must complete a minor in one of the areas of study approved by faculty advisers. Completion requires students to maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Approved disciplines for this requirement are listed below. Students should consult with an academic adviser in Journalism to determine the minor that best meets their interests and professional goals. Please see the specific minor page in this bulletin for information about requirements.

African Studies (24-25 units)

Africana Studies (18 units)
American Indian Studies (24 units)
American Studies (18 units)
Anthropology (18-19 units)
Asian American Studies (24 units)
Astronomy (19-23 units)
Biology (impacted, 23 units)
Business Administration (24 units)
California Studies (21-21 units)
Chemistry (23 units)
Chinese Language (19 units)
Chinese Literature and Linguistics (24 units)
Civil Engineering (21 minor units, 21 prerequisite units)
Classics (15 units)
Comparative and World Literature (18 units)
Computer Engineering (21 units)
Computer Science (21 units)
Criminal Justice Studies (16-20 units)
Critical Social Thought (15-19 units)
Decision Sciences (18 units)
Earth Sciences (15 units)
Economics (22 units)
Education (12 units)
Electrical Engineering (22 minor units, 23 prerequisite units)
English and American Literature (21 units)
European Studies (18-23 units, plus foreign language requirements)
French (21 units)
Geography (21 units)
German (17 units)
Global Peace, Human Rights, and Justice Studies (21-26)
Health Education (18 units)
History (15 units)
Holistic Health (22 units)
Humanities (21 units)
Human Sexuality Studies (18-20 units)
Information Systems (24 units)
International Business (24 units)
International Relations (20 units)
Italian (17 units)
Japanese (24 units)
Jewish Studies (12 units)
Labor and Employment Studies (12 units)
Latin American Studies (21-24 units)
Latina/Latino Studies (24 units)
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies (18-19 units)
Linguistics (15 units)
Management (21 units)
Mathematics (24 units)
Mechanical Engineering (21 minor units, 32 prerequsite units)
Middle East and Islamic Studies (18-21 units)
Modern Greek Studies (temporarily suspended)
Museum Studies (18 units)
Pacific Asian Studies (21-24 units)
Persian Studies (18-21 units)
Philosophy (21 units)
Philosophy and Religion (21 units)
Physics (20-24 units)
Political Science (21 units)
Psychology (temporarily suspended)
Race and Resistance Studies (19-21 units)
Religious Studies (21 units)
Russian (22 units)
Sociology (14-15 units)
South Asian Studies (18 units)
Spanish (21 units)
Urban Studies and Planning (20-23 units)
Women and Gender Studies (18 units)
Women's Health Issues (21 units)
World Development Studies (22-28 units)


Elective (3-4 units)

Advanced Writing

JOUR 320 Investigative Reporting (3 units)

JOUR 321 Feature Writing (3 units)

JOUR 570 Opinion Writing (3 units)

JOUR 575 Community Media (3 units)

JOUR 580 Environmental Journalism (3 units)

JOUR 595 Magazine and Feature Writing (3 units)


JOUR 667 ( units)

JOUR 685 ( units)

JOUR 699 Independent Study (1-3 units)


JOUR 328/ANTH 328 Anthropology and Photography (3 units)

JOUR 450 Publication Design and Graphics (3 units)


JOUR 395 Online Journalism (3 units)

JOUR 400 Video Journalism (3 units)

JOUR 495 Profiles (3 units)

JOUR 582 ( units)

Project-Based Electives

JOUR 426 Data Journalism (3 units)

JOUR 427/BECA 427 Media Entrepreneurship (3 units)

JOUR 500 Contemporary Magazines (3 units)

JOUR 617 Advanced Journalism Internship (3 units)

JOUR 650 ( units)

JOUR 680 ( units)


JOUR 328/ANTH 328 Anthropology and Photography (3 units)

JOUR 410/CHIN 410 Building Chinese Media Literacy (3 units)

JOUR 411/CHIN 411/I R 413 Media Chinese (3 units) (GP)

JOUR 452/I R 452/BECA 451 International Media Politics (4 units) (SJ)

JOUR 536/LTNS 536 Latina/o Journalism (3 units)