Master of Arts in Psychological Science: Concentration in Mind, Brain & Behavior

Program Coordinators: Mark Geisler, Avi Ben-Zeev

The Master of Arts in Psychological Science: Concentration in Mind, Brain, and Behavior consists of 35 semester units (includes thesis and six elective units) typically requiring four semesters to complete. Much of the Program is tutorial, with each student working closely with a faculty adviser. Twelve of the units involve independent study with an appropriate faculty member. Students are permitted, on their initiative and with their adviser's approval, to affiliate with laboratories, clinics, or other institutions in the greater San Francisco Bay Area for the purpose of conducting some of the research required by the Program. Under consortium arrangement, some courses may be taken at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), upon approval of the student's advisor and the UCSF instructor.

Graduate Programs in Psychology

Application to a graduate program is completed through the Cal State Apply application process.

The graduate admission application must be submitted by the deadline to be considered for admission. The department accepts applications for the fall semester only, with a deadline of February 1st. The Master in Science programs generally require an interview during the admissions process.

Some of the Psychology graduate programs require applicants to submit the results of the Graduate Record Examination — verbal, quantitative, and writing sections. Applicants should check the current application of the program they are applying for requirements.

Students who intend to work toward the M.A. or the M.S. in Psychology must meet the prerequisites outlined within each concentration. Required undergraduate coursework that an applicant may not have completed can be rectified as the graduate advisor deems fit without being included as units toward completion of the master's degree

To advance to candidacy (graduation), graduate students must meet all the general requirements for the specific program in which they are involved.

Written English Proficiency Requirement

Graduate students pursuing a Master of Arts in Psychological Science: Concentration in Mind, Brain, and Behavior must meet both of the following proficiencies to advance to candidacy (graduation):

Level One - A score of 4.0 or better on the GRE Analytical Writing Test or equivalent.

Level Two - Satisfactory completion of the master's thesis (PSY 898). 


Applicants to the Master of Arts in Psychological Science: Concentration in Mind, Brain, and Behavior need a course in statistical methods and a course either in experimental psychology or psychological research methods; or a course combining statistics and research methods.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Arts in Psychological Science: Concentration in Mind, Brain, and Behavior the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate broad familiarity with the empirical and theoretical literature of Mind, Brain, and Behavior, and gain in-depth knowledge of one or more specific domains of research and application.
  2. Demonstrate professional-level skills in written and oral communication of concepts and research in Mind, Brain, and Behavior.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in research design, and in the independent conduct of research projects.
  4. Demonstrate conceptual and computational competence in ANOVA statistical methods.
  5. Demonstrate conceptual and computational competence in Multiple Regression statistical methods.
  6. Appreciate the nature and importance of ethical principles in research and applications in MBB Psychology.

Psychological Science (M.A.): Concentration in Mind, Brain, and Behavior — Minimum 37 units

PSY 771Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design4
PSY 772Applications of Multiple Regression to Psychological Research4
PSY 770Research Methods and Techniques3
PSY 792Proseminar in Foundations of Contemporary Psychological Research3
PSY 798Research Colloquium3
PSY 799Supervised Selected Research5
PSY 891Seminar in Selected Problems (or Elective course approved by graduate advisor)3
PSY 896Directed Reading3
PSY 898Master's Thesis3

Upper Division/Graduate Units (6 units)

in psychology or allied fields approved by a graduate major advisor.