Minor in International Relations

International Relations Minor - 19 units

A minimum of 6 upper-division units are required to complete the minor.

All coursework used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Courses fulfilling the IR minor core requirement may not be taken on a CR/NC basis.

Required Courses (11 units)

I R 104Introduction to International Relations: Politics, Economics, Environment, and People3
I R 208Fundamentals of International Relations Theories, Issues, and Perspectives4
Select One:4
U.S. Foreign Policy
Introduction to International Political Economy

Electives (8 units)

Upper-division elective courses offered under the I R prefix or that are cross-listed with International Relations.

I R/BIOL 305Global Politics of Science, Technology, and Health4
I R/C J 306Crisis in Central America: U.S. Policy and the Root Causes of Chaos4
I R/GPS/PHIL 315Introduction to Global Peace Studies3
I R/PLSI 321Development and Foreign Policy: Africa4
I R/PLSI 322Policy Analysis: The Latin American Cases4
I R 323The Persian Gulf in International Relations4
I R 324Middle East and North Africa in International Relations4
I R/PLSI 325Chinese Foreign Policy4
I R/PLSI 327Europe: Forming a More Perfect Union4
I R 330/IBUS 332World Law4
I R/ENVS 331Global Environmental Crisis4
I R/IBUS 334International Organizations: New World Order4
I R 335Muslim Societies in Transnational Perspective4
I R 336Politics of Globalization4
I R 337/PLSI 432Introduction to the European Union4
I R 341/C J 340Comparative Criminal Justice4
I R/PLSI 342Modern Conflict: Cyber Warfare, Food Security, and Crises in the International System4
I R/HIST 346Europe since 19143
I R/C J 360Intelligence and Intelligence Agencies4
I R 361/C J 461Terrorism and Covert Political Warfare4
I R/PLSI/C J 362The Making of US Foreign Policy4
I R/PLSI/HUM 372Critical Political Theory4
I R/PLSI 404Politics of China4
I R/PLSI 407Politics of Russia4
I R/PLSI 409Russia and World Order4
I R/PLSI 411East Asian Politics4
I R/PLSI 412South Asian Politics4
I R 413/CHIN 411/JOUR 411Media Chinese3
I R/PLSI 416Ethnicity and Nationalism4
I R/PLSI/SOC 424Social Movements4
I R/GEOG 428International Political Economy of Food and Hunger4
I R/JS/PLSI 430Israeli Democracy: Politics, Institutions, and Society3
I R/PLSI/FIN 435Politics of Global Finance and Crisis4
I R 436/PHIL 435Human Rights in Global Perspective3
I R/GEOG 445Geopolitics and Globalization3
I R 446The Multinational Corporation in World Affairs4
I R 450/LABR 550International Labor3
I R/JOUR 452/BECA 451International Media Politics4
I R 453Women and Media in International Relations4
I R/PLSI 459Refugees in Global Perspective4
I R 460/HIST 430Rising Powers4
I R 530/JS 560The Arab-Israeli Conflict3
I R 540Rich and Poor Nations: Legacies of Slavery and Colonialism4
I R/PLSI 544Women in the World4
I R 601Lectures on Contemporary Global Issues1
I R/ECON 635Economics of Globalization3
I R 640Field Study in International Relations1-5
I R 685Teaching Observer Practicum in International Relations1-4
I R 699Independent Study1-4