Graduate Certificate in PK-12 Climate Justice Education

The Graduate Certificate in PK-12 Climate Justice Education is designed to provide educators with knowledge of the socioscientific issues of climate change in the context of PK-12 educational contexts. The curriculum examines the causes, impacts, and responses to anthropogenic climate change from a social justice perspective. Classroom teachers and informal educators in PK-12 education settings will work collaboratively to design, implement, and evaluate developmentally and culturally responsive climate education relevant to their context. Teachers in all certificated fields, as well as informal educators working in relevant settings, are invited to participate in this multidisciplinary program.

This Graduate Certificate Program uses a low residency instructional model to allow educators from a large geographical area to participate while also engaging in place-based learning. Participants will meet in person for one week in the summer and for one weekend in the fall and spring semesters, with all other instruction occurring online.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop core scientific knowledge of the causes and impacts of climate change as relevant to PK-12 educational contexts.

  2. Critically examine the ecological, social, and economic impacts of climate change on communities educators serve.

  3. Develop culturally responsive, developmentally sensitive practices to engage PK-12 students in learning about the causes, impacts, and justice-based responses to climate change.

Graduate Certificate in PK-12 Climate Justice Education - 12 units

Required Courses (12 units)

E ED 765Critical Issues In Science Education3
E ED 781Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Teacher Leaders3
SCI 403Climate Change Science for Educators3
RRS 499Race, Class, & Climate: Examining the Root Causes, Impacts, and Just Solutions to the Climate Crisis3