Liberal & Creative Arts (LCA)

LCA 112 Quantitative Reasoning for Civic Engagement (Units: 3)

Prerequisites: First-Year Math Advising Module.

Participation in civic society requires not only understanding principles of governance, but also problem-solving. Develop the mathematical concepts and skills relevant to the challenges and issues facing individuals and societies. Enables both quantitative understanding and decision-making about aspects of work, life, and civic participation. (Plus-minus ABC/NC, CR/NC allowed)
(Note: For this course to satisfy General Education, students must earn a grade of C- or CR or better.)
(This course is offered as LCA 112/PHIL 112/PLSI 112/HIST 112. Students may not repeat the course under an alternate prefix.)

Course Attributes:

  • Social Justice
  • B4: Math/QR

LCA 301 The Writer's Quick Journey: Six Sessions to Better Writing (Unit: 1)

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing or permission of the instructor.

Students will advance their writing in ways that strengthen both their academic and career paths, with an emphasis on scholarships and how to write strong scholarship and graduate essays. Additional writing projects may include, in agreement with the instructor: application essays, cover letters, resumes, and creative projects. Exploration of aspects of good writing such as strong grammar, thorough paragraph and idea development, various writing styles, and approaches to research. (CR/NC grading)

LCA 499 Culminating Experience Continuous Enrollment (Unit: 0)

LCA 576 Entertainment Industry Media Internship Program (Units: 3)

Prerequisites: Introductory media course or permission of instructor. CSU students enrolled in the CSU Entertainment Industry Initiative Media Internship Program (EII/MIP).

Internship experience in professional entertainment industry organization designed to serve students who do not have an internship program available in their home department. May be repeated for a total of 9 units. (This course is delivered online only.) (CR/NC grading only)