B.A. in English: Concentration in English Education and M.A. in English: Concentration in Linguistics SF Scholars Roadmap

The San Francisco State Scholars program provides undergraduate students with an accelerated pathway to a graduate degree. Students in this program pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree simultaneously. This program allows students to earn graduate credit while in their junior and/or senior year, reducing the number of semesters required for completion of a master’s degree.

This roadmap is a suggested plan of study and does not replace meeting with an advisor. Please note that students may need to adjust the actual sequence of courses based on course availability. Please consult an advisor in your major program for further guidance.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall SemesterUnits
ENG 114 Writing the First Year: Finding Your Voice (A2) 1 3
GE Area A 2 3
GE Area B: Quantitative Reasoning (B4) 3 3
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective - Take Two 4 6
Spring Semester
ENG 218 Literature Is Not A Luxury: Writing For Self and Community (Major Lower-Division Core, E) 3
ENG 250 Topics in Literature and Culture (Major Lower-Division Core, C2) 3
GE Area A 3
GE Area B: Physical Science (B1) and Laboratory Science (B3) 5 3-4
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective 4 3
Second Year
Fall Semester
GE Area B: Life Science (B2) and Laboratory Science (B3) 5 3-4
GE Area C 3
GE Area D 3
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective - Take Two 4 6
Spring Semester
GE Area C 3
GE Area D 3
GE Area F ± 3
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective - Take Two 4 6
Third Year
Summer Semester
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective - Take Two 4 6
Fall Semester
ENG 402 Introduction to Professional Writing and Rhetoric (Major Upper-Division Core) 3
ENG 480GW Writing in English: GWAR Seminar (Major Upper-Division Core) 3
ENG 655 Literature and the Adolescent Reader (Major Concentration, AERM) 3
Mythology and Oral Traditions (3 units) - Take One 6 3
U.S. and California Government 3
Spring Semester
ENG 419 Advanced Composition for Teachers (Major Concentration) 7 3
ENG 420 Introduction to the Study of Language (Major Upper-Division Core, UD-C, GP) 3
ENG 583 Shakespeare: Representative Plays (Major Upper-Division Core) 3
ENG 640 Global Texts and Practices (MAjor Upper-Division Core, GP) 3
GE Area UD-D: Upper-Division Social Sciences 3
Fourth Year
Summer Semester
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective - Take Two 4 6
Fall Semester
Select One (Major Concentration): 3-4
Introduction to the Performance of Literature
Performance and Identity
Select One (Major Concentration): 3
Language Analysis for Language Teachers
Language in Context
Second Language Acquisition
ENG 702 Introduction to Graduate Study of Composition, Linguistics, and TESOL (Graduate Core) 3
ENG 821 Syntax (Graduate Concentration) 3
GE Area UD-B: Upper-Division Physical and/or Life Sciences 3
Spring Semester
ENG 417 Academic Literacy and the Urban Adolescent (Major Concentration, SJ) 8 3
ENG 461 Literature in English Since 1800 (Major Upper-Division Core) 3
ENG 688 Assessment in English Language Arts (Major Capstone) 9 3
ENG 707 Topics in Language Analysis (Graduate Core) 3
ENG 719 Seminar: Contemporary Semantic Theory (Graduate Concentration) 3
Fifth Year
Fall Semester
ENG 728 Topics in Sociolinguistics (Graduate Core) 3
ENG 824 Phonology and Morphology (Graduate Concentration) 3
Graduate Elective (6 units total) - Select One 10 3
Spring Semester
ENG 733 Seminar in Student Teaching 3
Select One (Culminating Experience): 3
Field Study or Applied Research Project
Master's Thesis
Graduate Elective (6 units total) - Select One 10 3
 Total Units150-153

ENG 114 can only be taken if you complete Directed Self-Placement (DSP) and select ENG 114; if you choose ENG 104/ENG 105 through DSP you will satisfy A2 upon successful completion of ENG 105 in the second semester; multilingual students may be advised into alternative English courses.


To avoid taking additional units, it is recommended that you meet the SF State Studies (AERM, GP, ES, SJ) requirements within your GE or major.


To determine the best B4 course option, students should complete the online advising activity at mathadvising.sfsu.edu. Questions? Contact Gator Smart Start.


Complementary Studies

12 units of Complementary Studies are required of all candidates in any of the four concentrations (Literature, Linguistics, English Education, and Professional Writing and Rhetoric) in the Bachelor of Arts degree in English. These units must come from courses bearing a prefix other than ENG, and must not be cross-listed with ENG. English majors will be offered four pathways for satisfying this requirement; each pathway is designed to facilitate graduation in a timely manner.

  • Foreign Language: 12 units in a single foreign language;
  • Second Major, Minor, Certificate: 12 units of coursework taken as part of a second major, a minor, or a certificate;
  • Study Abroad: 12 units of coursework taken in an approved study abroad program (such as CSU Study Abroad);
  • Related Subjects: 12 units of coursework in related disciplines with the approval of a English Department advisor.

Related subjects typically include (but are not limited to) Comparative and World Literature, Classics, Creative Writing, Ethnic Studies, Foreign Languages, History, Journalism, and Women and Gender Studies. For this option, 6 units must be from classes in a non-literary related field.

Depending on the concentration within the major, CS pathway, and with approval of a departmental advisor, up to 12 units from courses with non-ENG prefixes that count towards the Complementary Studies requirement may also count as English electives in fulfillment of major requirements.


Consider taking a class combined with a laboratory or a separate lab to fulfill B3 if not already satisfied.


Mythology and Oral Traditions - Select One

AIS 162 American Indian Oral Literature (3 units)
CLAS 230 Ancient Epic Tales (3 units) (C2)
CWL 250 Fables and Tales (3 units) (C2, GP)
CWL 260 Myths of the World (3 units) (C2, GP)
CWL 421 Celtic Literature (3 units) (UD-C)
ENG 636 Myth, Literature, and Adaptation (3 units)
LTNS 435 Oral History, Community Memory, and Collective Stories (3 units)


Includes 20 hours of community service learning.


Includes 25 hours of community service learning.


This course must be completed during the final undergraduate semester and will include an English Education e-portfolio.


Graduate Electives (6 units)

ENG 620 Introduction to Computational Linguistics (3 units)

ENG 680 Applied Computational Linguistics (3 units)

ENG 725 Seminar in Discourse Analysis (3 units)

ENG 727 Linguistic Field Methods (3 units)


Given catalog rights, fall 2023 transfer students do not need to complete an Area F course.