Graduate Certificate in Decision Sciences

The purpose of the Certificate in Decision Sciences is to provide graduate students with analytic and problem solving skills to strengthen their data-driven decision-making. In addition to taking a spreadsheet modeling class, students may choose from a set of electives to tailor the certificate to their specific interests. The certificate allows matriculated graduate students to show their specific focus in Decision Sciences, and provides community members exposure to quantitative decision-making or the opportunity to test the waters before committing to a graduate business program.

Admissions Requirements

Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree, a 3.0 undergraduate GPA or better, and a basic knowledge of business statistics and operations provided by a grade of B- or better in the DS 212 and 412 or DS 776 and 786 courses (or equivalent) will be eligible to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Decision Sciences. 

Applicants interested in applying to the certificate program should contact the Graduate Business Programs Office, or call 415-817-4300.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills – Students will demonstrate effective use of the following skills in business situations:
    1. Master qualitative and quantitative techniques to gather and analyze relevant data and derive appropriate conclusions, especially through the use of spreadsheets.
    2. Exhibit critical thinking and analytical ability in solving problems within and across organizations.
  2. Functional and enterprise knowledge – Students will demonstrate an understanding of how Decision Sciences:
    1. Relates to the enterprise as a whole.
    2. Interacts with other disciplines within a strategic business framework.

Graduate Certificate in Decision Sciences - 9 units

  • The certificate must be completed with a GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • Only courses completed with a grade of C or better may be used to fulfill the certificate requirements.
DS 852Managerial Decision-Making3
Select One:3
Applied Multivariate Analysis
Supply Chain Management
DS 856Seminar in Project Management3