Critical Mixed Race Studies

Program Scope

The Critical Mixed Race Studies (CMRS) minor is a multidisciplinary program that provides undergraduate students with academic approaches to the histories, experiences, and cultures of mixed heritage, mixed race, and transnational adoptee individuals, families, and communities. CMRS courses address mono-racialization within the structure of racial hierarchies; historical and contemporary constructions of mixed race within legal, scientific, and cultural spheres nationally and transnationally; the mutability of race and the porosity of racial boundaries in order to critique processes of racialization and racialized social stratification through colonialism and imperialism (e.g. mestizaje, mestiƈagem, métissage, mischling, blood quantum, etc.); and the determined refusal of mono-racialization by multiple mixed heritage, mixed race, and transnational adoptee individuals, families, and communities. The CMRS curriculum takes into account the critical role of transnational globalization processes in creating shared oppressions and coalitional resistance for mixed heritage, mixed race, and transnational adoptee people.

Minor in Critical Mixed Race Studies

The minor consists of 18 units of undergraduate study. No more than two courses can be taken credit/no credit for the minor. Students must have maintained at least a 2.0 grade point average in minor courses. Consistent with current University policy, courses for meeting the requirements of this minor may, as appropriate, be used simultaneously for meeting general education or credential requirements, including the requirement for complementary studies. Written declaration of the pursuit of the minor is not necessary prior to enrollment in any of its required or elective courses. Students should try to complete ETHS 110 before taking any further courses in the minor (may be taken concurrently). At least half of all courses towards the minor degree must be upper-division. Mandatory courses are one introductory course (ETHS 110); three courses from three different Ethnic Focus areas A through D.  In addition, one course is to be selected from the Comparative section. Finally, one of the applied courses (teaching, field research or internship, special study) fulfills the remaining three units needed for the minor. Additional courses may count towards the minor upon consultation with the CM

Critical Mixed Race Studies Minor - 18 units

Introductory Course (3 units)

ETHS 110Critical Thinking and the Ethnic Studies Experience3

Ethnic Focus (9 units)

Select three with no more than one course from each area A through D.

Area A: Asian American Studies
AA S 301Asian Americans of Mixed Heritages3
AA S 330Nikkei in the United States3
Area B: American Indian Studies
AIS/AFRS 350/LTNS 355Black Indians in the Americas3
Area C: Latina/o Studies
LTNS/HIST 278History of Latinos in the U.S.3
LTNS 380Afro/Latina/o Diasporas3
Area D: Africana Studies
AFRS 401Pan African Black Psychology: A North American, South American, and Caribbean Comparison3

Comparative Course (3 units)

Select one:

AA S 522Asian Americans and the Transracial Adoptee Experience3
RRS 625Mixed Race Studies: A Comparative Focus3

Applied Course (3 units)

Select one with Critical Mixed Race Studies (CMRS) Faculty:

ETHS 685Projects in the Teaching of Ethnic Studies1-4
ETHS 697Field Research or Internship in Ethnic Studies1-3
ETHS 699Independent Study1-3
  • All coursework used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.
  • Students must regularly seek advising from the CMRS Director/CMRS Minor Advisor.
  • Only one third of the credits or no more than approximately two courses can be taken credit/no credit for the minor