Education Specialist Intern Credential: Special Education

An Intern Credential is a temporary license issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. This one to two-year program is administered by SFSU in partnership with local employing agencies, and it allows the holder to serve as the teacher of record while completing the coursework for the Education Specialist Preliminary Credential. A one-year, one-time extension is available by appeal. The Department of Special Education must have a valid Intern Agreement with the employing agency.

To be eligible for the Intern Credential, the student needs to be admitted and enrolled in an Education Specialist Preliminary Credential program in one of the following areas:

  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • Mild to Moderate Support Needs
  • Extensive Support Needs
  • Visual Impairments

Additional eligibility criteria include:

  • Successful completion of a minimum of three credential courses to meet the pre-service preparation requirement
  • Passing the CTC Basic Skills requirement
  • Passing the CTC Subject Matter Competency requirement (Early Childhood Special Education applicants are exempt.)
  • Completion of the CTC U.S. Constitution requirement (If the applicant completed a Bachelor’s degree from a CSU, this requirement is considered met.)
  • Official employment verification
  • Availability of a qualified mentor/coach at the employing agency

For more information about the intern credential: