Minor in General Biology

General Biology Minor — 23 units

  • The minor requires 23 units of which at least 6 must be upper-division units.
  • All courses in the minor must be completed with letter grades (CR/NC is not acceptable). 
  • All coursework used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Core Requirements (20 units)

BIOL 230Introductory Biology I5
BIOL 240Introductory Biology II5
BIOL 355Genetics3
CHEM 115General Chemistry I4
Select one:3
General Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry I

Elective (3 units)

Select one course from the following list:

BIOL 350Cell Biology3
BIOL 380Evolutionary Developmental Biology3
BIOL 425Emerging Diseases3
BIOL 453General Parasitology3
BIOL 525Plant Physiology3
BIOL 530Conservation Biology3
BIOL 532Restoration Ecology3
BIOL 585Marine Ecology3
BIOL 600Animal Behavior3
BIOL 607Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals3
BIOL 620Endocrinology3
BIOL 622Hormones and Behavior3
BIOL 630Animal Physiology3