Graduate Certificate in Inclusive Early Childhood Practices

The Graduate Certificate in Inclusive Early Childhood Practices is intended for individuals seeking expertise in supporting the learning and development of all young children, including those identified with disabilities. Required coursework is focused on culturally responsive practices and supports that promote access, learning, and participation for all young children and their families. The program is intended for individuals in education or human service fields, such as general early childhood education, nursing, psychology, physical and occupational therapy, social work, and speech and language therapy.

Admission to the Program

To apply students must submit two letters of recommendation, transcripts of all college or university level training, résumé, and a position statement documenting interest in this certificate. Students must have successfully completed a bachelor's degree. 

Completion of the Program

Students must maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA to continue and complete the program.

Graduate Certificate in Inclusive Early Childhood Practices — 12 units

Early Learning and Development (3 units)

Select One:

E ED 707Early Development and Learning in Diverse and Inclusive Settings3
SLHS 702Social Communication Development3
SPED 777Introduction to Disability, Development, and Equity for Young Children and Their Families3

Inclusive Supports and Services for Young Children with Disabilities (3 units)

Select One:

SPED 737Inclusive Learning and Supports in Early Intervention (Infants & Toddlers)3
SPED 738Inclusive Curriculum Development and Supports in Early Childhood Settings (Preschool - Kindergarten)3
SPED 780Equitable Assessment Practices for Young Children with Disabilities and Their Families3

Early Childhood Contexts and Instruction (3 units)

Select One:

E ED 708Language and Literacy in the Early Years3
E ED 709Instructional Leadership and Program Curriculum Evaluation in Early Childhood Education3
E ED 878Critical Perspectives and Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education3

Advancing Inclusion in Early Childhood Settings (3 units)

Select One:

E ED 721International Education in Early Childhood and Elementary Education3
E ED 801Practitioner Inquiry and Early Childhood Professional Development and Administration3
SPED 671Positive Behavior Support for Young Children3
SPED 885Allyship, Leadership, and Collaboration for Young Children with Disabilities3