University Pathway Program

Center for Global Engagement
1600 Holloway Ave, Hum 101
San Francisco, CA 94132
Phone: 415-338-1438

The University Pathway Program (Undergraduate) is an 18 -25 unit program that provides pre-matriculated international students with the opportunity to earn credit toward their degree while improving their English language skills. Students will gain the English skills, academic and social acculturation, and foundational academic content necessary to thrive at SF State. Students will take a wide range of lower-division courses, primarily general education courses. Students will complete the program having fulfilled GE A2, A3, B4, and at a minimum A1, D1, or D2 and be prepared to continue their studies with GE courses, upper-division classes, and major coursework.

  • Admission Criteria for the Pathway Program: An IELTS score of 4.5, TOEFL score of 45, or equivalent. A high school Cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  • Application Process: Students will apply to the program through the College of Professional & Global Education. Applicants will be required to submit an approved English proficiency score, official high school transcript, and requisite supporting and financial documents to be issued an I-20.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop the necessary skills required for academic success at SF State. Develop an overall understanding of academic culture and their language skills while focusing on developing specific academic skills such as note-taking, academic writing and reading, and individual presentations and group discussions.

  2. Proficiency in oral and written communication in English, practicing reasoning, organization, and accuracy. Students will practice the discovery, critical evaluation, and reporting of information, as well as reading, writing, and listening effectively.

  3. Develop logic and understand its relation to language; and the ability to distinguish matters of fact from issues of judgment or opinion. Develop the abilities to analyze, criticize, and advocate ideas; to reason; and to reach well-supported factual or judgmental conclusions.

  4. Skills and understanding beyond the level of intermediate algebra. Not just practice computational skills, but the ability to explain and apply basic mathematical concepts and will be able to solve problems through quantitative reasoning.

  5. Demonstrate awareness of cultural practices and production in the critical humanities, social sciences, media, and visual and performing arts in an inclusive global context.

  6. Understand problems and issues from a social science perspective and will examine issues in their contemporary as well as historical settings and in a variety of cultural contexts. Students will explore the principles, methodologies, value systems and ethics employed in social scientific inquiry.


University Pathway Program (Undergraduate) – 18-25 units

Required Courses (15-16 units)

A U 110Living in San Francisco1
ENG 201Writing the First Year: Global Perspectives of Multilingual Speakers Stretch I4
ENG 202Writing the First Year: Global Perspectives of Multilingual Speakers Stretch II4
ETHS/RRS 110Critical Thinking and the Ethnic Studies Experience3
Select One:3-4
Calculus with Business Applications
Business Calculus
Elementary Statistics
Calculus I

Electives (3-9)

Select at least one of the courses below:

COMM 150Fundamentals of Oral Communication3
ECON 101Introduction to Microeconomic Analysis3
ENG 210Oral Communication - Multilingual3
HIST 130U.S. History for International Students3