Minor in Latina/Latino Studies

Latina/Latino Studies Minor — 15 unit minimum

This minor is available to students who have selected a different major but also want to pursue a coherent course of study in the field of Latina/Latino Studies. The minor enables students to supplement a major in a different field with coursework in Latina/Latino Studies. The minor requires a set of core courses supplemented with a selection of electives chosen on advisement that complement the major they have chosen. The minor consists of 15 units of which 9 are required core units and 6 are elective units chosen on advisement.

A minimum of 6 upper-division units are required to complete the minor.

All coursework used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Core (9 units)

LTNS 215Introduction to Latina/o/x Studies3
Select One:3
History of Latinos in the U.S.
Gender and Latina/x Feminisms
Latina/Latino Studies Knowledge Production
LTNS 680Latina/o/x Community Organizing and Career Futures3

Electives (6 units)

Select courses from the categories below. LTNS 278, LTNS 350, and/or LTNS 390 can be used as electives if not taken to satisfy the core.

Performance, Art, Literature, and Media

LTNS 222Latina/o/x Art History3
LTNS 225Latina/o/x Visual Culture3
LTNS 230Introduction to Latina/o Literature3
LTNS 270Latina/o/x Murals, Memes, Music, and More: Latina/o/x Arts & Humanities3
LTNS/HIST 278History of Latinos in the U.S.3
LTNS/ARTH 301Latin American and Latino/a/x Art, 1492 to the Present3
LTNS 305Latina/o Studies Creative Writing Workshop3
LTNS 409/CINE 309Latina/o/x Cinema3
LTNS 425Popular and Traditional Music of the Latinx U.S.3
LTNS 435Oral History, Community Memory, and Collective Stories3
LTNS 455Resistance Literature of the Americas3
LTNS 530Latina/os and the Media3
LTNS/SPAN 531Creative Writing in Spanish: Poetry, Fiction, and Drama3
LTNS/JOUR 536Latina/o Journalism3

Education, History, and Decolonial Knowledges

LTNS 110Critical Thinking and the Rhetoric of Latinas/os/x in the 21st Century3
LTNS 265Topics in Latina/o/x History3
LTNS 390Latina/Latino Studies Knowledge Production3
LTNS 435Oral History, Community Memory, and Collective Stories3
LTNS 440Caribbean Cultures and Spirituality3
LTNS 450Critical Latinx Indigeneities3
LTNS 475Aztec Philosophy3
LTNS/SOC/RRS 580Educational Equity3
LTNS 685Projects in the Teaching of Latina/o Studies1-4
LTNS 690Community Fieldwork in Latina/o Studies3
LTNS 694Community Service Learning1-3

Feminisms, Sexualities, and Queer of Color Critique

LTNS 340Latinx Youth Subcultures3
LTNS 350Gender and Latina/x Feminisms3
LTNS 385Afro-Latina Experiences3
LTNS 400Latina Girlhood3
LTNS/WGS 445Gendered Borders: Latinas and Globalization3
LTNS/WGS 505Gender, Sexuality, and Latino Communities3
LTNS 533/HIST 355/WGS 355History of Women in Latin America3

Health, Migration, and Transnational Studies

LTNS 210Latina/o/x Health Care Perspectives (CSL)3
LTNS 211Latina/o/x Families3
LTNS 380Afro/Latina/o Diasporas3
LTNS 460Central Americans of the U.S.: History and Heritage3
LTNS 465Mexican American and Chicana/x/o History3
LTNS 467Caribbeans in the U.S.: History and Heritage3
LTNS 470Latina/o Immigration to the U.S. (CSL)3
LTNS/SOC 487Latin American Migrations: A Social History3
LTNS 500Latina/o Community Mental Health3

Politics, Policy, Law, and Economics

LTNS 276Latina/o, U.S. Government, and Constitutional Ideals3
LTNS 2863
LTNS 315Latina/os in California3
LTNS 415Latina/o Economic Empowerment3
LTNS 430/C J 435Race, Crime, and Justice3
LTNS/C J 485Latina/o Youth, Crime, and Justice3
LTNS/ANTH 501/HIST 358Latin America: The National Period3
LTNS/SOC 640Sociology of Latina/x/o Experiences3
LTNS 660Latina/o Politics3
LTNS 670/PLSI 408Mexican Politics and Society3
LTNS 707Seminar in Latina/o Studies3

Note: Six transfer units in Latina/Latino Studies (or equivalent field) may count toward the Minor.