Certificate in Data Science for Psychology

If you're a psychology major who wants to expand your skillset and pursue a career in data science, the Data Science Certificate for Psychology Majors may be the perfect option for you. This program will give you a solid foundation in data analysis, statistics, and programming, as well as the tools and techniques needed to work with large datasets.

Throughout the program, you'll learn to use programming languages such as R and Java to collect, manipulate, and analyze data. You'll also learn how to use statistical software to visualize and communicate your findings effectively. The certificate program will cover topics such as data visualization, statistical inference, regression analysis, and machine learning, among others.

As a student in the program, you'll have access to hands-on learning experiences through various projects and exercises, allowing you to put your newly acquired skills into practice. You'll also have the opportunity to work on real-world data science problems through internships or research projects with faculty members.

Earning a data science certificate as a psychology major will help you stand out in the job market, as it will demonstrate your ability to analyze and interpret data, which is a crucial skill in many fields. Whether you're interested in pursuing a career in data science, or you simply want to enhance your existing skillset, this certificate program is an excellent choice.

Admission Requirements

Must be a Psychology major at SF State University.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in the fundamentals of data science for psychology: theory, tools, and techniques.
  2. Demonstrate ability to synthesize data science concepts around the big questions in psychology and behavior science to develop solutions to real-life problems.
  3. Demonstrate effective scientific communication skills, verbal and written, to convey information to multidisciplinary audiences from different functional areas of the psychology field.

Certificate in Data Science for Psychology - 18 units

  • All courses for the certificate must be completed with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Core (18 units)

CSC 101Introduction to Computing3
PSY 171Quantitative Reasoning in Psychology3
PSY 200General Psychology3
PSY 371Psychological Statistics3
PSY 490Introduction to Data Science for Psychology3
PSY 571Intermediate Psychological Statistics3