ADN to BSN Roadmap CSM

120 Total Units Required
Minimum Number of Units in the Major: 41

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall SemesterUnits
1st 8 weeks: NURS 211 Introduction to Nursing (CSM) 4.5
2nd 8 Weeks: NURS 212 Concepts of Homeostasis in Nursing (CSM) 4.5
NURS 816 Open Lab (CSM) 0.5
Spring Semester
NURS 300 Bridge to Professional Nursing (SF State - Online) 3
1st or 2nd 8 Weeks: NURS 221 Pediatric Nursing (CSM) 4.5
1st or 2nd 8 Weeks: NURS 222 Maternity Nursing (CSM) 4.5
NURS 225 Nursing Skills Lab II (CSM) 0.5
NURS 817 Open Lab (CSM) 0.5
Second Year
Summer Semester
NURS 312GW Research and Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing - GWAR (SF State) 3
GE Area UD-B: Upper-Division Physical and/or Life Sciences (SF State) 3
Fall Semester
NURS 522 Chronic Care and End of Life Care Theory (SF State) 1 3
1st 8 Weeks: NURS 231 Psychiatric Nursing (CSM) 5
2nd 8 Weeks: NURS 232 Medical/Surgical Nursing (CSM) 5
NURS 235 Nursing Skills Lab III (CSM) 0.5
NURS 818 Open Lab (CSM) 0.5
Spring Semester
GE Area UD-C: Upper-Division Arts and/or Humanities (SF State) 3
1st 8 Weeks: NURS 241 Advanced Medical/Surgical Nursing (CSM) 5
2nd 8 Weeks: NURS 242 Leadership/Management in Nursing (CSM) 5
NURS 245 Nursing Skills Lab IV (CSM) 0.5
NURS 819 Open Lab (CSM) 0.5
Third Year
Summer Semester
Off for NCLEX
Fall Semester
NURS 530 Community Health and Global Perspectives Theory (SF State) 1 3
NURS 531 Community Health and Global Perspectives Practicum (SF State) 3
NURS 558 Professional Practice Concepts Theory (SF State - Online) 3
 Total Units65.5

UD–D (Social Sciences) is satisfied upon completion of NURS 522 and NURS 530.


The BSN requires 120 units total.


Must earn 60 units before matriculating at SF State.


When a student passes the NCLEX, the student is able to transfer a total of 90 units from CSM to SF State for the purpose of meeting the degree unit requirements. Normally, transfer students can only transfer a maximum of 70 units from the community college. This program allows for the additional 20 units that result from passing the NCLEX. NCLEX credit may be awarded on a student's transcript only to give credit for a College of San Mateo (CSM) nursing course that 1) was successfully completed at a CSM and 2) is required for the BSN program and 3) cannot be transferred from a CSM because of the 70 unit transfer limit.