Certificate in Weather Study

General Information

The Certificate in Weather Study program is offered for those interested in learning about meteorology and companion disciplines in some depth, but not at the major level. Students who complete the certificate will be able to read and interpret basic weather maps and make basic weather forecasts for themselves and will be conversant on many weather and climate-related topics of ongoing interest and importance, such as global climate change.

For advice about completing the certificate, consult with the certificate advisor, Dr. John Monteverdi. For information about applying to receive the certificate once the program requirements are met, see http://tornado.sfsu.edu/Programs/Weather_Study_Cert.html.

Weather Study Certificate — 24 Units

Meteorology Core Requirement (14 Units)

ERTH 172Our Dynamic Ocean Lecture and Lab4
ERTH 260Physical Processes in the Atmosphere4
ERTH 4611
ERTH 490Public Weather Forecasting1
ERTH 535Planetary Climate Change4

Electives (10 Units)

On advisement, select at least 10 units from among those listed below. 

ERTH 310The Violent Earth 13
ERTH 360California Weather Events 13
ERTH 365Extreme Weather in a Warming World 13
Any Earth Sciences (ERTH) course numbered 410 or higher, for example:
Weather Analysis and Forecasting I (4)
ERTH 456

Course fulfills a General Education requirement.