Single Subject Credential Program

This credential authorizes the holder to teach specified subject matter courses in departmentalized classrooms, in preschool through grade twelve or in classes organized primarily for adults. Departmentalized classes exist most commonly in California middle and high schools.

Requirements for the Preliminary Credential

  • Baccalaureate degree, except in professional education, from a regionally-accredited college or university. (Required for admission)
  • Satisfy the Basic Skills Requirement (Required for admission). Successful passage of one of the following:
    • Completion of college coursework in reading, writing, and mathematics. Courses must have been taken at a regionally-accredited college or university for credit, passed with a grade of B- or better, be degree applicable, and be at least 3 semester units or 4 quarter units. Courses must be approved by professional preparation program.
    • California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)
    • A Commission-approved out-of-state basic skills exam
    • CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP) Placement Test
    • CSU Entry Level Math & English Placement Test (ELM & EPT) - Last Offered August 2017
    • College Board SAT, ACT, and College Board Advanced Placement Examinations (AP)
    • Succession completion through a combination of coursework and examination options
  • Verify Subject Matter Competence by one of the following methods (Required for admission):
    • Passage of the appropriate CSET exams in the chosen content area
    • Completion of a Commission-approved subject matter program in the chosen content area
    • Completion of applicable coursework verified by a Commission-approved program addressing each of the domains of the subject matter requirements adopted by the Commission in the chosen content area of the Single Subject Subject Credential
    • Completion of a degree major in one of the statutory subjects available for a Single Subject Teaching Credential. Degree major must be in the subject area being sought.
    • Successful completion through a combination of coursework and examination options
  • Complete second language requirement. (Required for admission)
  • Complete Certificate of Clearance (fingerprinting) process. (Required for admission)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of the Constitution of the United States. Applicants may satisfy the U.S. Constitution requirement either by coursework or examination. Applicants who have earned a baccalaureate degree from a CSU campus have met this requirement.
  • Level I Educational Technology requirement. May be met by taking SED 720, ITEC 601 or the CSET Exams in Preliminary Educational Technology.
  • Complete a comprehensive, hands-on CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training course for infants, children, and adults. CPR card must be valid at the time of application for the Preliminary Credential. Online CPR courses are not acceptable.
  • Complete an approved program of professional preparation.

Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)

All Single Subject credential candidates are required to pass the Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) during the final student teaching phase in order to earn the California Single Subject Credential. The edTPA provides teacher preparation programs a systemic approach to access a multiple-measure assessment aligned to state and national standards, including Common Core State Standards.

Professional Education Requirements

The Single Subject Teaching Credential program prepares qualified candidates with the coursework and field experiences needed to effectively teach a subject area in California public schools, particularly middle and high schools. The Department of Secondary Education offers teacher preparation for people with subject-matter competency in the following areas:

  • Art
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • World Languages

Limited World Languages Openings in Single Subject Program

The Single Subject Program can only place a limited number of World Languages candidates in student teaching. The number varies depending on the language.

Single Subject Credential - 33 units

A GPA of 3.0 or better with no grade lower than a C is required in all courses comprising the professional education sequence. A grade of CR is acceptable only if mandated by the department.

Core (27 units)

S ED 640Supervised Observation and Participation in Public Schools3
S ED 660Student Teaching - Single Subject9
S ED 701Teaching for Equity in Secondary Schools3
S ED 720Critical and Digital Literacy Across Content Areas3
S ED 751Classroom Environment and Management3
S ED 752Professional Perspectives and Practices3
S ED 790Teaching Multilingual Learners in Secondary Schools3

Curriculum and Instruction I (3 units)

Select one based on discipline:

EDUC 750Curriculum and Instruction in Art3
ENG 713Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction in English I3
KIN 750Curriculum and Instruction I: Physical Education3
MLL 750Curriculum and Instruction I: World Languages3
MUS 760Curriculum and Instruction I: Music3
S ED 759Curriculum and Instruction I3

Curriculum and Instruction II (3 units)

Select one based on discipline:

EDUC 755Curriculum and Instruction II3
ENG 714Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction in English II3
KIN 751Curriculum and Instruction II: Physical Education3
MLL 751Curriculum and Instruction II: Foreign Languages3
MUS 761Curriculum and Instruction II: Music3
S ED 769Curriculum and Instruction II3