Bachelor of Arts in Women and Gender Studies Roadmap

120 Total Units Required
Minimum Number of Units in the Major: 30

This roadmap is a suggested plan of study and does not replace meeting with an advisor. Please note that students may need to adjust the actual sequence of courses based on course availability. Please consult an advisor in your major program for further guidance.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterUnits
ENG 114 Writing the First Year: Finding Your Voice (A2) 1 3
GE Area A 2 3
GE Area B: Quantitative Reasoning (B4) 3 3
GE Area D 3
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective 4 3
Second Semester
Introductory Core Course 5 3
GE Area A 3
GE Area B: Physical Science (B1) and Laboratory Science (B3) 6 3-4
GE Area E 3
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective 4 3
Third Semester
Introductory Core Course 5 3
GE Area B: Life Science (B2) and Laboratory Science (B3) 6 3-4
GE Area C 3
GE Area D 3
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective 4 3
Fourth Semester
WGS 300GW Gender, Race, and Nation - GWAR (Major Core) 3
GE Area C - Take Two 6
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective - Take Two 4 6
Fifth Semester
Praxis - Select One 7 3
Body Politics - Select One 8 3
GE Area F ± 3
GE Area UD-B: Upper-Division Physical and/or Life Sciences 3
U.S. and California Government 3
Sixth Semester
Power and Violence - Select One 9 3
Culture, Media, and Art - Select One 10 3
GE Area UD-C: Upper-Division Arts and/or Humanities 3
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective – Take Two 4 6
Seventh Semester
Social Movements - Select One 11 3
GE Area UD-D: Upper-Division Social Sciences 3
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective - Take Three 4 9
Eighth Semester
WGS 690 Senior Seminar (Major Core) 3
WGS Elective - Select One 12 3
Complementary Studies or SF State Studies or University Elective – Take Three 4 9
 Total Units120-122

ENG 114 can only be taken if you complete Directed Self-Placement (DSP) and select ENG 114; if you choose ENG 104/ENG 105 through DSP you will satisfy A2 upon successful completion of ENG 105 in the second semester; multilingual students may be advised into alternative English courses.


To avoid taking additional units, it is recommended that you meet the SF State Studies (AERM, GP, ES, SJ) requirements within your GE or major.


To determine the best B4 course option, students should complete the online advising activity at Questions? Contact Gator Smart Start.


Complementary Studies

Students completing a Bachelor of Arts in Women and Gender Studies are required to complete 12 units in Complementary Studies. Complementary Studies provides students with the opportunity to make connections across disparate forms of knowledge and inquiry. These units must come from courses bearing a prefix other than WGS and not cross-listed with WGS, and may be lower- or upper-division units, as well as resident or transfer units. Students who complete two majors or a major and minor automatically complete the Complementary Studies requirement. Otherwise, WGS majors can fulfill this requirement through one of six pathways:

  1. 12 units through the study of a single language and/or literature other than English;
  2. any 12 units taken in the College of Ethnic Studies;
  3. 12 units from partial completion of a minor or certificate;
  4. 12 units taken in an approved study abroad program (e.g., CSU Study Abroad); or,
  5. 12 units from a coherent group of courses approved by a major advisor as complementary to the major.

Introductory Core Course (6 units)
Select Two:
WGS 200 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (3 units) (D1, AERM, GP, SJ)
WGS 210 Introduction to Feminism and the State (3 units) (D1, SJ)
WGS 220 Introduction to Feminist Disability Studies (3 units) (C2, SJ)
WGS 280 Introduction to Feminist Science Studies (3 units) (SJ)


Consider taking a class combined with a laboratory or a separate lab to fulfill B3 if not already satisfied.


Praxis (3 units)

Select One:

WGS 105 Feminism and Self-Care: Perspectives and Practices (1 unit)

WGS 303 Feminist Artivism & Praxis (3 units)

WGS 305 Women and Gender Studies Lecture Series (3 units)

WGS 400 That's Not What I Said: Feminism, Oral History, and Research Methods in Women and Gender Studies (3 units)

WGS 602 Feminist Cultural Activism (3 units)

WGS 698 Feminist Praxis and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex (3 units)


Body Politics (3 units)

Select One:

WGS 554 Gender and Global Migration (3 units)

WGS 563 Gender, Sexuality, and the Politics of Disability (3 units) (UD-D, GP)

WGS 591 Critical Approaches to Transgender Health, Science, and Medicine (3 units)

WGS 593 Gender, Health, and the Environment (3 units) (UD-D, ES, GP)

WGS 612 Queer Theory (3 units)


Power and Violence (3 units)

Select One:

WGS 160 Gender, Politics, and Citizenship (3 units) (USG/CSLG, AERM)

WGS 511 Women and Violence (3 units)

WGS 513 Gender, War, and Militarism (3 units) (UD-C, GP, SJ)

WGS 514 Women and the Prison Industrial Complex (3 units) (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)

WGS 536 Gender, Globalization, and Women's Human Rights (3 units) (UD-D, GP, SJ)


Culture, Media, and Art (3 units)

Select One:

WGS 304 Gender and Popular Culture (3 units) (AERM, GP, SJ)

WGS 542 Gender and Popular Music (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP)

WGS 551/SXS 551 Queer Literatures and Media (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)

WGS 580 Feminism and the Speculative: Another World is Possible (3 units)


Social Movements (3 units)

Select One:

WGS 515 Gender, Race, and Reproductive Justice (3 units) (UD-D, AERM, GP)

WGS 541 Women Writers and Social Change (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)

WGS 561 Women, Ethnicity, and Social Movements (3 units) (AERM, SJ)

WGS 562 History of African American Women (3 units) (UD-D, AERM, SJ)

WGS 565 Muslim Feminisms (3 units) (AERM, GP)

WGS 578 Feminist Environmental and Climate Justice (3 units)

WGS 621 Feminist Theories (3 units) (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)


WGS Elective (3 units)

Select One:

WGS 150 Women and Gender in U.S. History and Society (3 units) (D2, USH, AERM, SJ)

WGS 355/HIST 355/LTNS 533 History of Women in Latin America (3 units)

WGS 420/AIS 420 Native Genders and Feminism (3 units) (UD-D, AERM, SJ)

WGS 423/GEOG 423 Geographic Perspectives on Gender (3 units)

WGS 440/AIS 440/SXS 440 Native Sexualities and Queer Discourse (3 units) (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)

WGS 445/LTNS 445 Gendered Borders: Latinas and Globalization (3 units) (F, AERM, GP, SJ)

WGS 470/PLSI 470/SXS 470 The Politics of Sex and Reproduction (4 units)

WGS 485/BECA 485 Women and Media (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, SJ)

WGS 505/LTNS 505 Gender, Sexuality, and Latino Communities (3 units) (F)

WGS 546/ENG 546/JS 546 20th Century American Jewish Women Writers (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP)

WGS 566/RRS 566 Gender and Modernity in the Muslim and Arab Worlds (3 units) (F, AERM, GP, SJ)

WGS 595/ANTH 590/CST 590 Feminist Anthropology (3 units)

WGS 640/RRS 640/SXS 640 Race and Sexual Migration (3 units)

WGS 645/RRS 645/SXS 645 Sex, Race, Lies, and Love in San Francisco (3 units)


Given catalog rights, fall 2023 transfer students do not need to complete an Area F course.