Graduate Certificate in Finance

The purpose of the Certificate in Finance is to provide MBA students with advanced financial knowledge and skills for a professional career in the finance industry. The curriculum is based on financial theory and empirical data skills practiced by professionals in corporate finance, portfolio management, asset pricing, banking, risk management, and investment companies. The program aims to produce MBA students with outstanding preparation for financial jobs such as financial analyst, corporate treasurer, credit analyst, portfolio manager and more. In addition, the certificate provides community members exposure to finance for those interested in refreshing their knowledge and skills or in testing the waters before committing to an MBA program.

Admissions Requirements

Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree, a 3.0 undergraduate GPA or better, and a basic knowledge of financial management provided by a grade of B- or better in the BUS 785 course (or equivalent) will be eligible to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Finance. Those who have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance will have taken the equivalent of BUS 785 (Fin 350). Others can take the prerequisite at other CSU campuses or elsewhere. The certificate must be completed with a GPA of 3.0 or better and only courses completed with a grade of C or better may be included to meet the certificate requirements.

Matriculated students are required to meet Level 1 and Level 2 writing requirements in their degree program. Nonmatriculated students will need to pass a writing test to meet Level 1 writing requirements for admission into the certificate program. Non-matriculated students will establish Level 2 writing requirements through writing assignments in one or more of the four certificate courses.

Applicants interested in applying to the certificate program should contact the Graduate Business Programs Office, or call 415-817-4300.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students completing the certificate will demonstrate the ability to identify financial risk in uncertain environments and make strategic and tactical plans for them.
  2. Students completing the certificate will demonstrate the ability to analyze, interpret and use data to make effective financial decisions.
  3. Students completing the certificate will demonstrate the ability to use financial tools such as discounted cash flows in spreadsheet software (e.g., Excel, Sheets), portfolio construction, and risk management.
  4. Students completing the certificate will demonstrate the ability to communicate financial data and recommendations via oral and written presentations.

Graduate Certificate in Finance – 12 units

FIN 819Financial Analysis and Management3
FIN 820Seminar in Financial Risk Management3
FIN 825Seminar in Investments3
FIN 828Seminar: Financial Markets and Institutions3