Minor in Chinese Literature and Linguistics

Chinese Literature and Linguistics Minor — 18 units

This minor is aimed at native and near-native speakers of the Chinese language and consists of 15 units of required coursework in advanced language, linguistics, oratory, literature, and culture, plus an additional 3 units of upper-division electives in Chinese or a related subject.

A minimum of 6 upper-division units are required to complete the minor.

All coursework used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Upper-Division Core (15 units)

Select One: 3
Conversation and Reading
Speech and Writing
Select One:3
Advanced Chinese
Building Chinese Media Literacy
Media Chinese
Select One:3
Introduction to Classical Chinese
Readings in Literary Chinese
MLL 325Linguistics for Foreign Languages3
Literature in Translation – select one:3
Topics in Chinese Language, Literature, and Culture in English
The Poetic Tradition - GWAR
The Narrative Tradition
The Revolutionary Tradition in Modern Chinese Literature - GWAR
Negotiating Chineseness in the Late 20th and 21st Centuries - GWAR
Chinese Civilization

Electives (3 units)

Additional upper-division CHIN-prefix courses as needed to reach a total of 18 units.

NOTE REGARDING STUDY ABROAD (applies to all Chinese degrees, concentrations, and minors):
Students are encouraged to study abroad through the International Programs of the California State University and the Bilateral Programs of San Francisco State University. For students opting to study abroad, all study abroad units will count as units in residence and can be used for graduation credit, but no more than half of the units required for the major or minor may be taken outside of the home campus. Flagship Language Concentration students, however, may apply all of their Study Abroad units towards the major.