Minor in Persian Studies

Persian Studies, Minor — 15-19 units

The Persian minor consists of 6-10 units of lower and upper division core courses, and 5-9 units of elective courses. The program may waive the core language requirement (101) if the student demonstrates appropriate competency through advising, by taking the placement test, or by having taken the equivalent coursework elsewhere. Students must pass a minimum of 15 units to successfully complete the minor.

All course work used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Core Courses (6 – 10 units)

PRSN 101First Semester Persian4
PRSN 260Persian Culture and Civilization in English3
PRSN 450Religious Traditions in Iran3

Elective Courses (5 – 9 units)

PRSN 100Persian Language Immersion3
PRSN 290Introduction to Persian Literature in Translation3
PRSN 550Persian Culture Through Films in English3
PRSN 411Persian Media in English3
PRSN 102Second Semester Persian4
PRSN 103Third Semester Persian4
PRSN 104Fourth Semester Persian4
PRSN 206Basic Persian Conversation3
PRSN 250Intermediate Persian3
PRSN 350Advanced Persian3
PRSN 500Introduction to Persian Literature3
PRSN 530Topics in Persian Studies in English3
PRSN 699Independent Study1-3