Experimental College (EXCO)

EXCO 301 Topics in the Experimental College (Unit: 1)

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.

Collaborative learning experiences in which students cooperatively explore a given subject based on their expertise and experience, shared engagement with materials, and a sense of joint ownership of the curriculum under the guidance of a trained student leader. Topics to be specified in the Class Schedule. Activity. May be repeated for a total of 5 units when topics vary.


  1. Mexican Folklorico Dance
  2. Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
  3. Go Green - Environmental Sustainability
  4. Genealogy-Studying Lines of Descent & Development
  5. History & Influence of Graphic Novels in America
  6. Asian Student Union Internship
  7. Math 226 Mentorship
  8. Camp Culture in Cinema
  9. Women and the Environment
  10. Deep Dive Into Sound For Film
  11. Examining African American Short Stories & Poems
  12. BDSM 101
  13. SFSU Pre-Med
  14. Asian/Asian Americans in Graphic Novels & Comics
  15. Lucid Dreaming
  16. Places in San Francisco
  17. Lessons In Mindfulness-Intro to Jodo-Shinshu Budsm
  18. Diversibility
  19. Erotic Sequential Art and Sexuality in Comics
  20. Percy Jackson and The Olympians
  21. The Massacred Future: Climate Change Impacts & You
  22. Fountain of Youth
  23. Plants and Human Culture
  24. Psychadelics-Indigenous Origins, Corporate Future
  25. L33Tcode For Young Developers
  26. Intro to Inline-Skating
  27. Exploring Taboo Through Art
  28. Productivity 101
  29. Writing on the Muni
  30. Introduction to Swing Dance

EXCO 401 Organizing Experimental College Courses (Units: 1-4)

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing and completion of an approved Experimental College preparation course.

A teaching practicum course for student instructors trained and prepared to lead EXCO 301 courses. Students participating in EXCO 401 will prepare materials and activities for their 301 course, discuss practices to facilitate learning and discussion, and participate in other teaching activities. May be repeated for a total of 8 units.