Bachelor of Science in Interior Design Roadmap

120 Total Units Required
Minimum Number of Units in the Major: 54

This roadmap is a suggested plan of study and does not replace meeting with an advisor. Please note that students may need to adjust the actual sequence of courses based on course availability. Please consult an advisor in your major program for further guidance.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterUnits
ENG 114 Writing the First Year: Finding Your Voice (A2) 1 3
ID 240 Color and Design (Major Core, C1) 3
GE Area A 2 3
GE Area B: Quantitative Reasoning (B4) 3 3
SF State Studies or University Elective 3
Second Semester
ID 242 Interior Design Graphic Communication I (Major Core) 3
GE Area A 3
GE Area D 3
GE Area E 3
SF State Studies or University Elective 3
Third Semester
ADM 260 Textiles (Major Core, B1) 3
ID 244 Heritage of Housing and Interior Design (Major Core) 3
Major Elective (9 Units Total) - Take One 4 3
GE Area B: Life Science (B2) and Laboratory Science (B3) 5 3-4
SF State Studies or University Elective 3
Fourth Semester
ID 245 Contemporary Design in Housing and Interiors (Major Core, C1) 3
GE Area C 3
GE Area D 3
SF State Studies or University Elective – Take Two 6
Fifth Semester
ID 340GW Human Dimensions in Housing and Interiors - GWAR (Major Core) 3
Major Elective (9 Units Total) - Take One 4 3
GE Area F ± 3
GE Area UD-C: Upper-Division Arts and/or Humanities 3
U.S. and California Government 3
Sixth Semester
ID 345 Interior Design Graphic Communication II (Major Core) 3
ID 440 The Housing Structure and Its Component Parts (Major Core) 3
ID 445 Professional Practices for Interior Design (Major Core) 3
Major Elective (9 Units Total) - Take One 4 3
GE Area UD-D: Upper-Division Social Sciences 3
Seventh Semester
ID 343 Housing for People with Special Needs (Major Core) 3
ID 540 The Materials of Interior Design (Major Core) 3
ID 640 Interior Design Solutions - Residential (Major Core) 3
GE Area UD-B: Upper-Division Physical and/or Life Sciences 3
SF State Studies or University Elective 3
Eighth Semester
FCS 600 Professional Development (Major Core) 3
ID 641 Interior Design Solutions - Commercial (Major Core) 3
ID 645 Advanced Interior Design Solutions (Major Core) 3
SF State Studies or University Elective - Take Two 6
 Total Units120-121

ENG 114 can only be taken if you complete Directed Self-Placement (DSP) and select ENG 114; if you choose ENG 104/ENG 105 through DSP you will satisfy A2 upon successful completion of ENG 105 in the second semester; multilingual students may be advised into alternative English courses.


To avoid taking additional units, it is recommended that you meet the SF State Studies (AERM, GP, ES, SJ) requirements within your GE or major.


To determine the best B4 course option, students should complete the online advising activity at Questions? Contact Gator Smart Start.


Major Electives (9 units)
(must be passed with a C- or better; CR/NC is not allowed)

ADM 569 Visual Merchandising and Promotion (3 units)
ARTH 201 Western Art History I (3 units) (C1)

ARTH 202 Western Art History II (3 units) (C1)
ART 210 Introduction to Digital Media Arts (3 units)
ART 222 Introduction to Textile Art (3 units)
ART 231 Introduction to Drawing (3 units)
ART 260 Introduction to the Darkroom (3 units)
DES 210 Our Manufactured World: The Life Cycle of Everyday Objects (3 units)
DES 220 Introduction to Drawing for Designers (3 units)
DES 221 Introduction to 3D Digital Design (3 units)
DES 222 Digital Design Foundations I (3 units)
DES 256 Design and Society: Contemporary Design Issues and Applications (3 units) (C1)
DES 300 Design Process (3 units)
ENVS 130 Environmental Studies (3 units) (ES)
FCS 543 Sustainability in the Textile, Housing, and Food Industries (3 units) (UD-D, ES)
FCS 685 Projects in Teaching of Family Interiors Nutrition & Apparel (3 units)
FCS 699 Independent Study (1-3 units)
GEOG 455 Geography of Ethnic Communities (3 units) (AERM, SJ)
HTM 110 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management (3 units) (ES, GP, SJ)
HUM 375 Biography of a City: United States Cities (3 units) (UD-C, GP)
HUM 376 San Francisco (3 units) (UD-C, ES)
ID 366/ADM 366 Forecasting Apparel and Interior Design Trends (3 units)
MKTG 431 Principles of Marketing (3 units)
USP 580/PLSI 580 Housing Policy and Planning (3 units) (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)


Consider taking a class combined with a laboratory or a separate lab to fulfill B3 if not already satisfied.


Given catalog rights, fall 2023 transfer students do not need to complete an Area F course.