Minor in Literature in English

Literature in English Minor — 15 units

The Literature in English minor allows students from any major to explore literature from British, American, and other global traditions in English. For this minor, students pursue a streamlined version of the English major core requirements, supplemented by two elective courses in literary topics of their choice. Literature minors can expect to hone their aptitude for close reading, writing, research, oral communication, and critical thinking. Developing these skills can prove beneficial to students with regard to their major coursework, and to their lives after graduation.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to produce rhetorically effective texts across a range of digital, print, and multimedia formats. (Written Communication)
  2. Students will be able to carefully read and critically examine the ways in which culture and global context affect language, literature, and writing. (Global Perspectives)
  3. Students will be able to analyze language and texts in relation to the historical and social contexts in which they are situated. (Historical Thinking)

Literature in English Minor — 15 units

A minimum of 6 upper-division units are required to complete the minor.

All coursework used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

ENG 250Topics in Literature and Culture (or equivalent with advisor approval)3
Select One:3
Literature in English to 1800
Literature in English Since 1800
ENG 640Global Texts and Practices3
Two Upper-Division Electives in Literature (one may be a non-ENG prefixed course with advisor approval )6