Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Concentration in Management Roadmap

120 Total Units Required
Minimum Number of Units in the Major: 69

This roadmap is a suggested plan of study and does not replace meeting with an advisor. Please note that students may need to adjust the actual sequence of courses based on course availability. Please consult an advisor in your major program for further guidance.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterUnits
ECON 101 Introduction to Microeconomic Analysis (Major Prerequisite, D1) 3
ENG 114 Writing the First Year: Finding Your Voice (A2) 1 3
Select One (Major Prerequisite, B4): 2 3
Calculus with Business Applications
Business Calculus
GE Area A 3 3
GE Area C 3
Second Semester
ECON 102 Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis (Major Core, D1) 3
ISYS 263 Introduction to Information Systems (Major Prerequisite, D1, GP) 3
GE Area A 3
GE Area B: Life Science (B2) and Laboratory Science (B3) 4 3-4
GE Area E 3
Third Semester
ACCT 100 Introduction to Financial Accounting (Major Core) 3
Select One (Major Core): 3
Business Statistics
Elementary Statistics (B4) 2
GE Area B: Physical Science (B1) and Laboratory Science (B3) 4 3-4
GE Area D: U.S. History (D2) 3
SF State Studies or University Elective 3
Fourth Semester
ACCT 101 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (Major Core) 3
GE Area C - Take Two 6
GE Area F ± 3
U.S. and California Government 3
Fifth Semester
BUS 300GW Business Communication for Professionals - GWAR (Major Core) 3
IBUS 330 International Business and Multicultural Relations (Major Core, UD-D, GP) 3
ISYS 363 Information Systems for Management (Major Core) 3
MGMT 405 Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior (Major Core) 3
SF State Studies or University Elective 3
Sixth Semester
FIN 350 Business Finance (Major Core) 3
MGMT 605 Seminar in Developing Management Skills (Major Concentration) 3
MKTG 431 Principles of Marketing (Major Core) 3
GE Area UD-C: Upper-Division Arts and/or Humanities (Consider SF State Studies Course) 3
SF State Studies or University Elective 3
Seventh Semester
DS 412 Operations Management (Major Core) 3
MGMT 648 Seminar in Leadership and Influence Skills (Major Concentration) 3
Major Concentration Electives (12 Units Total) - Take Two 5 6
GE Area UD-B: Upper-Division Physical and/or Life Sciences (Consider SF State Studies Course) 3
Eighth Semester
BUS 682 Seminar on Business and Society (Major Core) 3
BUS 690 Seminar in Business Policy and Strategic Management (Major Core) 3
MGMT 610 Human Resource Management (Major Concentration) 3
Major Concentration Electives (12 Units Total) – Take Two 5 6
 Total Units120-122

ENG 114 can only be taken if you complete Directed Self-Placement (DSP) and select ENG 114; if you choose ENG 104/ENG 105 through DSP you will satisfy A2 upon successful completion of ENG 105 in the second semester; multilingual students may be advised into alternative English courses.


To determine the best B4 course option, students should complete the online advising activity at Questions? Contact Gator Smart Start.


To avoid taking additional units, it is recommended that you meet the SF State Studies (AERM, GP, ES, SJ) requirements within your GE or major.


Consider taking a class combined with a laboratory or a separate lab to fulfill B3 if not already satisfied.


Major Concentration Electives (12 units)

Select four electives, either all from Group A or three from Group A and one from Group B or another course with advisor approval.

Group A

MGMT 567 Internship in Management (3 units)

MGMT 640 Managing Diversity in the Workplace (3 units)

MGMT 650 Managing Creativity and Innovation (3 units)

MGMT 653 Seminar in Project Management Skills (3 units)

MGMT 655 Seminar in Emerging Issues in Management (3 units)

MGMT 656 Seminar in Managing Teams (3 units)

MGMT 659/IBUS 659 Introduction to International Business Negotiation (3 units)

MGMT 670 Managing Organization Development and Change (3 units)

Group B

BUS 350 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3 units)

BUS 354 Starting a Small Business (3 units)

BUS 430 Social Entrepreneurship: Mission-Driven Ventures (3 units)

BUS 440 Ethics at Work: Business Impacts (3 units) (UD-C)

BUS 450 Greening of Business (3 units)


Given catalog rights, fall 2023 transfer students do not need to complete an Area F course.