Environmental Sustainability

Courses approved for the SF State Studies Environmental Sustainability requirement must examine some aspect of environmental sustainability. The perspective can be from any area of the University curriculum, such as social sciences, natural sciences, arts, humanities, business, or engineering.

Courses certified as meeting the SF State Studies requirements may be upper- or lower-division, in General Education (GE), a major or minor, or an elective. Not all of the courses listed below are approved for General Education. 

A U 301Bay Area Environments (UD-B, ES)3
A U 302Bay Area Culture (UD-C, AERM, ES, GP)3
AA S 510Asian Americans in California (UD-D, AERM, ES, SJ)3
AA S 587Asian Americans and Environmental Justice (UD-D, AERM, ES, SJ)3
ADM 665Product Development for Apparel (ES)3
AFRS 256Hip Hop Workshop (C1, AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
AFRS 370Health, Medicine, and Nutrition in the Black Community (UD-D, AERM, ES, SJ)3
AFRS 515Black Family Studies (UD-D, AERM, ES, SJ)3
AIS 160Survey of Native California (F, AERM, ES, SJ)3
AIS 410Perspectives of Native California Indians (AERM, ES)3
BECA 502Environmental Communication on Electronic Media (UD-C, ES, SJ)3
BIOL 150The World of Plants (B2, B3, ES)3
BIOL 160Marine Biology (B2, ES)3
BIOL 170Animal Diversity (B2, ES)3
BIOL 300Nature Study (UD-B, ES)3
BIOL 305Global Politics of Science, Technology, and Health (UD-D, ES, GP)4
BIOL 310Biology for Today's World (UD-B, ES)3
BIOL 318Our Endangered Planet (UD-B, AERM, ES, GP)3
BIOL 671Ecology and Evolution of Marine Systems II (ES)6
CHEM 180Chemistry for Energy and the Environment (B1, B3, ES)3
CHEM 380Chemistry Behind Environmental Pollution (UD-B, ES)3
CLAS 420Classics and the Environment (ES, GP)3
COMM 348GWWriting About Communication and Environmental Justice - GWAR (ES)4
COMM 572Communication and Environmental Justice (UD-C, ES, SJ)4
E ED 614Science, Math, and Technology Curricular in ECE (ES, SJ)3
ENG 465Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (UD-C, ES)3
ENG 535Literature and Ecology (UD-C, ES)3
ENVS 130Environmental Studies (ES)3
ENVS 331Global Environmental Crisis (ES, GP, SJ)4
ENVS 470Climate Politics and Policy (ES, GP)3
ENVS 570Applied Local Sustainability (ES)3
ENVS 600Environmental Problems and Solutions (UD-D, ES, GP)3
ERTH 110Our Dynamic Earth (B1, ES)3
ERTH 112Our Dynamic Earth Lecture and Lab (B1, B3, ES)4
ERTH 115History of Life (B2, ES)3
ERTH 170Our Dynamic Ocean (B1, ES)3
ERTH 172Our Dynamic Ocean Lecture and Lab (B1, B3, ES)4
ERTH 210Physical Geology (B1, B3, ES)4
ERTH 230Environmental Geology (B1, B3, ES)3
ERTH 240Environmental Water Resources (B1, B3, ES)3
ERTH 260Physical Processes in the Atmosphere (B1, B3, ES, GP)4
ERTH 310The Violent Earth (UD-B, ES)3
ERTH 325Geology of the National Parks (UD-B, ES)3
ERTH 330California Water (UD-B, ES)3
ERTH 335Global Warming (UD-B, ES, GP)3
ERTH 360California Weather Events (UD-B, ES, GP)3
ERTH 365Extreme Weather in a Warming World (UD-B, ES, GP)3
FCS 543Sustainability in the Textile, Housing, and Food Industries (UD-D, ES)3
GEOG 101Our Physical Environment (B1, ES)3
GEOG 102The Human Environment (D1, ES, GP)3
GEOG 107World Regions and Interrelations (D1, ES, GP)3
GEOG 160Introduction to Environmental Science (B2, B3, ES, GP)4
GEOG 301Bay Area Environments (UD-B, ES)3
GEOG 421Future Environments (UD-D, ES, GP, SJ)3
GEOG 427Agriculture and Food Supply (ES, GP)4
GEOG 430Transforming Food and Agriculture Systems: Local to Global (ES, GP, SJ)4
GEOG 432Urban Geography (ES, GP)4
GEOG 552Geography of California (UD-D, AERM, ES, SJ)3
GEOG 575Emerging China (UD-D, ES, GP, SJ)3
GEOG 600Environmental Problems and Solutions (UD-D, ES, GP)3
GEOG 651San Francisco Bay Area Environmental Issues (UD-B, ES)4
GEOG 666Geography of Garbage: Recycling and Waste Reduction (ES)3
GEOG 667Environmental Justice: Race, Poverty, and the Environment (ES, GP, SJ)4
GPS 315Introduction to Global Peace Studies (UD-C, ES, GP, SJ)3
HH 200Holistic Approach to Academic Success (D1, ES)3
HH 535Western Nutrition and Herbs (UD-B, ES)3
HIST 315History of Science from the Scientific Revolution (UD-C, ES, GP)3
HIST 327The Medieval Mediterranean (UD-C, ES, GP)3
HIST 363Taiwan: History, Memory, and Imagination (UD-C, ES, GP)3
HIST 404A Cultural History of American Technology (ES, SJ)3
HIST 405Maritime History (UD-C, ES, GP, SJ)3
HTM 110Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management (ES, GP, SJ)3
HTM 357Food Systems and the Environment (ES)3
HTM 400Wine Appreciation (UD-B, ES)3
HTM 576Meeting Planning and Convention/Event Management I (ES)3
HUM 315History of Science from the Scientific Revolution (UD-C, ES, GP)3
HUM 340Bay Area Culture (UD-C, AERM, ES, GP)3
HUM 376San Francisco (UD-C, ES)3
HUM 380Nature and Human Values (UD-C, ES)3
I R 104Introduction to International Relations: Politics, Economics, Environment, and People (D1, ES, GP, SJ)3
I R 305Global Politics of Science, Technology, and Health (UD-D, ES, GP)4
I R 315Introduction to Global Peace Studies (UD-C, ES, GP, SJ)3
I R 324Middle East and North Africa in International Relations (UD-D, ES, GP)4
I R 331Global Environmental Crisis (ES, GP, SJ)4
KIN 255Health-Related Fitness and Wellness (D1, ES, GP, SJ)3
LS 401International Development and Resource Justice (UD-D, ES, GP)3
LS 430Future of the Forests (UD-B, ES, GP)3
LTNS 210Latina/o/x Health Care Perspectives (B2, AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
LTNS 450Critical Latinx Indigeneities (UD-C, AERM, ES, GP)3
PH 100Public Health Biology (ES)3
PH 455Community Organizing and Community Building for Health (UD-C, AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
PHIL 315Introduction to Global Peace Studies (UD-C, ES, GP, SJ)3
PHIL 351Philosophy of Risk (UD-B, ES)3
PHIL 355Politics and Ethics of the Consumer Society (UD-D, ES, SJ)3
PHIL 392Philosophy of Animals (UD-B, ES)3
PHIL 470Environmental Ethics (UD-C, ES, SJ)3
PHYS 305Physical and Astronomical Approaches to Climate Change Solutions (UD-B, ES)3
PLSI 354Politics, the Environment, and Social Change (UD-D, ES, SJ)4
PLSI 355Politics and Ethics of the Consumer Society (UD-D, ES, SJ)3
RPT 520Parks and Outdoor Recreation Resources (ES)3
RPT 605Ecotourism & Sustainable Travel (UD-D, ES, GP, SJ)3
RRS 276Race, Activism and Climate Justice (B2, AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
RRS 304Decolonize Your Diet: Food Justice and Gendered Labor in Communities of Color (UD-B, AERM, ES)3
RRS 415Reclaiming the Bay: Grassroots Struggle Against Racial Capitalism (UD-D, AERM, ES, SJ)3
RRS 571Women, Race, and Class (UD-C, AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
RRS 655Comparative Border Studies: Palestine and Mexico (AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
SOC 477Environmental Sociology (UD-D, ES, GP)3
SPED 620The Science of Early Intervention (UD-B, ES, SJ)3
USP 432Urban Geography (ES, GP)4
USP 514Sustainable Development in Cities (ES, SJ)4
USP 515Environmental Justice: Race, Poverty, and the Environment (ES, GP, SJ)4
USP 651San Francisco Bay Area Environmental Issues (UD-B, ES)4
WGS 593Gender, Health, and the Environment (UD-D, ES, GP)3


AERM: American Ethnic and Racial Minorities
ES: Environmental Sustainability
GP: Global Perspectives
SJ: Social Justice