School Nurse Services Credential

School nursing is an area of nursing practice that requires specialized knowledge and training. To legally practice as a school nurse in California, the registered nurse must have a School Nurse Services Credential. San Francisco State’s School Nurse Services Credential Program is offered through SF State’s School of Nursing under the College of Professional & Global Education and the Graduate College of Education. Approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, this program will help the nurse who holds a California School Nurse Services Preliminary Credential to satisfy the program requirement to clear their credential (before the preliminary credential expires).

SF State’s School Nurse Services Credential Program is aligned with the School of Nursing philosophy, mission, and commitments to student-centered care, student safety, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based anti-racist practice, quality improvement, informatics, leadership, and lifelong learning. Credential candidates will have the opportunity to collaborate with other disciplines to provide compassionate and ethical care along the health-illness continuum to positively influence student health outcomes and academic success. Emphasis is placed on school nurses as leaders and agents of change by deconstructing, disrupting, and dismantling systems of oppression through the nursing profession in the educational setting.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Analyzes organizational and systems leadership skills to promote quality and safe health care.
  2. Demonstrates advanced depth and breadth of nursing and related sciences and integrates this knowledge into practice.
  3. Integrates clinical prevention and population health concepts in the design and delivery of health care.
  4. Utilizes the principles of evidence-based practice to organize, implement, and evaluate practice.
  5. Integrates meaningful data from nursing, computer, communication, and information sciences to coordinate and improve care.
  6. Demonstrates understanding of how school-age youth may be impacted by health disparities perpetuated by implicit bias, educational policies, and school health practices.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the program must:

  1. Hold a California School Nurse Services Preliminary Credential
  2. Be currently working as a School Nurse in California
  3. Have a 3.0 GPA or better in their earned undergraduate degree or the last 60-semester (90-quarter) units completed, or have earned a post-baccalaureate degree


Admission does not guarantee that students will obtain a clear credential. Credentialing requirements are set by agencies that are not controlled by or affiliated with CSU and requirements can change at any time.

Successful completion of the program with formal recommendation of SF State, in addition to the three requirements listed here, will enable the credential candidate to apply for the School Nurse Services Clear Credential, processed through SF State’s Graduate College of Education

  1. Verify possession of a Preliminary School Nurse Services Credential
  2. Verify possession of a valid Registered Nurse License issued by the State of California
  3. Complete two years of successful experience as a school nurse

(Please see the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for specific school nurse services credential requirements.)

School Nurse Services Credential - 24 units

Required Courses (24 units)

NURS 850Seminar in Specialized Nursing Practice: School Nursing I4
NURS 851Seminar in Specialized Nursing Practice: School Nursing II4
NURS 852Advanced Pediatric Health Assessment3
NURS 853Vision Screening1
NURS 854Immunizations and the Role of the School Nurse2
NURS 855School Health Policy and Leadership4
NURS 856Practicum in Specialized Nursing Processes: School Nursing4
Audiometry – Taken outside SF State2

School Nurse Services Credential Roadmap

24 Total Units Required

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterUnits
NURS 850 Seminar in Specialized Nursing Practice: School Nursing I 4
NURS 852 Advanced Pediatric Health Assessment 3
NURS 853 Vision Screening 1
NURS 854 Immunizations and the Role of the School Nurse 2
Audiometry – Taken outside SF State 2
Second Semester
NURS 851 Seminar in Specialized Nursing Practice: School Nursing II 4
NURS 855 School Health Policy and Leadership 4
NURS 856 Practicum in Specialized Nursing Processes: School Nursing, Clinical Handbook 4
 Total Units24