Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing – ENGL Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Roadmap

This is a sample pathway for students who transfer to San Francisco State University in the current Bulletin year with an AA-T in English. Up to 3 units in the major and all lower-division GE requirements have been satisfied. Check with a major advisor about the most appropriate course sequence. Degree completion guaranteed in 60 units; see the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) section for more information.

To Do at SF State:

Enough total units to reach 120 minimum for graduation; 30 units minimum at the upper-division level; to include the following:

University-Wide Requirements: 9-15 Units

  • American Institutions (0–6 units): US History, US Government, California State and Local Government requirements if not taken before transfer.
  • Upper-Division GE, Areas B, C, and D (9 units): Check for courses in major that also satisfy Upper-Division GE.
  • Students entering this major with the AA-T in English are not required to fulfill SF State Studies requirements.
  • Complementary Studies: consult with a department advisor on how transfer units and/or SF State units can be applied to ensure degree completion within 60 units.

Creative Writing Major: 39-42 Units

Check with a department advisor to see if 3 lower-division units from ADT can be applied to the major.

University Electives: 3 or More Units

Depends on course choices made at the community college, how transferred units are applied to the requirements above, and course choices at SF State. Some courses may meet more than one requirement, e.g., in both UD GE and the major.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterUnits
C W 301 Fundamentals of Creative Writing (Major Fundamentals) 3
C W 302 Fundamentals of Creative Reading (Major Fundamentals) 3
Literature Course (12 units) 1 3
GE Area UD-B: Upper-Division Physical and/or Life Sciences 3
U.S. and California Government 3
or University Elective if US/CA Government met before transfer
Second Semester
Select One (Major Craft): 3
Craft of Poetry - GWAR
Craft of Fiction - GWAR
Craft of Playwriting - GWAR
Select One (Major Core): 3
The Creative Process
Special Topics in Writing
Literature Course (12 units) 1 3
GE Area UD-C: Upper-Division Arts and/or Humanities 3
US History 3
or University Elective if US History met before transfer
Third Semester
Literature Course (12 units) 1 3
Creative Process Area and/or Workshop Area (12 units) – Take Two 2 6
GE Area UD-D: Upper-Division Social Sciences 3
University Elective 3
Fourth Semester
C W 601 Work in Progress (Major Capstone) 3
C W 606 Art of Revision: from Draft to Manuscript (Major Core) 3
Literature Course (12 units) 1 3
Creative Process Area and/or Workshop Area (12 units) – Take Two 2 6
 Total Units60

Literature (12 units)

AA S 322 Chinese American Language and Literature (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, SJ)

AA S 332 Japanese American Art and Literature (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, SJ)

AA S 352 Filipina/o American Literature, Art, and Culture (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)

AA S 372 Vietnamese American Literature (3 units) (UD-C, AERM)

AA S 512 Asian American Children's/Adolescent Literature (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, SJ)

AA S 582 Asian American Women's Literature and the Arts (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, SJ)

AFRS 400 Black Arts and Humanities (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, SJ)

AFRS 411 African and African American Literature (3 units)

AFRS 645 Literature of the Harlem Renaissance (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)

AFRS 646 Frantz Fanon's Psychology of Violence, Negation, and Liberation (3 units)
AIS 360 Modern American Indian Authors (3 units) (AERM)

ARAB 400/RRS 400 ( units)

CHIN 600 Topics in Chinese Language, Literature, and Culture in English (3 units)

CHIN 601GW The Poetic Tradition - GWAR (3 units) (GP)

CHIN 602 The Narrative Tradition (3 units)

CHIN 611GW The Revolutionary Tradition in Modern Chinese Literature - GWAR (3 units) (GP)

CLAS 410/HUM 401 Ancient Greek Literature (3 units) (UD-C)

CLAS 415/HUM 402 Ancient Roman Literature (3 units) (UD-C)

C W 465/CWL 465/MGS 465 ( units)

C W 497/MGS 497 Modern Greek Literature (3 units)

CWL 420 Studies in Comparative Literature (3 units)

CWL 421 Celtic Literature (3 units) (UD-C)

CWL 423/HUM 423 Going Medieval: Medieval Literature and Contemporary Adaptations (3 units) (UD-C)

CWL 424/HUM 424 Multicultural Middle Ages (3 units) (UD-C)

CWL 432/HUM 532 From Ghost Stories to Short Stories: Japanese Fiction in Comparative Contexts (3 units) (UD-C, GP)

CWL 440 "Typical American": Narratives of Multiculturalism in the Americas from 1492 to the Present (3 units) (UD-C, GP)

CWL 450 Literary Crossings (3 units) (UD-C, GP)

CWL 520 Modern Prose of the Americas (3 units) (GP)

ENG 398/MGS 397 ( units) (GP, SJ)

ENG 401 ( units) (UD-C)

ENG 418 Grammar for Writers (3 units) (UD-C)

ENG 420 Introduction to the Study of Language (3 units) (UD-C, GP)

ENG 422 History of the English Language (3 units)

ENG 429 Stylistics (3 units)

ENG 460 Literature in English to 1800 (3 units)

ENG 461 Literature in English Since 1800 (3 units)

ENG 465 Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (3 units) (UD-C, ES)

ENG 495 Digital Humanities and Literacies (3 units)

ENG 501 Age of Chaucer (3 units) (UD-C)

ENG 510 The Age of Wit (3 units) (UD-C)

ENG 514 Age of the Romantics (3 units)

ENG 524 Contemporary American Short Story (3 units)

ENG 525 Studies in American Literature (3 units)

ENG 526 Age of the American Renaissance: 1830-1860 (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, SJ)

ENG 527 American Literature: 1860-1914 (3 units)

ENG 528 American Literature: 1914-1960 (3 units)

ENG 535 Literature and Ecology (3 units) (UD-C, ES)

ENG 546/JS 546/WGS 546 20th Century American Jewish Women Writers (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP)

ENG 550 The Rise of the Novel (3 units)

ENG 552 ( units)

ENG 553 ( units)

ENG 554 Modern American Novel (3 units)

ENG 555 The Short Story (3 units)

ENG 558 ( units)

ENG 559 ( units)

ENG 570 ( units)

ENG 571 Shakespeare's Rivals (3 units)

ENG 573 ( units)

ENG 574 ( units)

ENG 580 Individual Authors (3 units)

ENG 581 Jane Austen (3 units) (UD-C)

ENG 583 Shakespeare: Representative Plays (3 units)

ENG 584 Shakespeare: Selected Plays (3 units)

ENG 589 Milton (3 units)

ENG 600 Theory of Literature (3 units)

ENG 601 Literature and Psychology (3 units) (UD-C)

ENG 602 Literature, Identity, Society: Theoretical Approaches to Identity and Cultural Critique (3 units) (UD-C, AERM)

ENG 611 Modern Criticism (3 units)

ENG 612 Serial Narrative (3 units)

ENG 614 Women in Literature: Authors and Characters (3 units)

ENG 615 Imagery, Metaphor, and Symbol (3 units) (UD-C)

ENG 630 Selected Studies (3 units)

ENG 633 Queer(ing) Narrative Literature (3 units) (AERM)

ENG 658 ( units)

GER 613 Weimar Literature (3 units)

GER 616 Postwar German Literature: The Past as Present (3 units)

HUM 390 Images of Eroticism (3 units) (UD-C, GP)

HUM 410 ( units)

HUM 415 Thinking the Present: Comparative Arts and Culture (3 units)

HUM 425 Thought and Image: Humanities (3 units)

HUM 432/PHIL 432 Nietzsche and Postmodernism (3 units) (UD-C)

HUM 470 ( units)

HUM 550 ( units)

JS 437/CWL 437/ENG 533 Holocaust and Literature (3 units) (UD-C, GP, SJ)

JS 451/CWL 451/ENG 451 Jewish Literature of the Americas (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP)

JS 480/CWL 480 European Jewish Writers (3 units) (UD-C, GP, SJ)

JS 485 Modern Israeli Literature (3 units)

JS 546/ENG 546/WGS 546 20th Century American Jewish Women Writers (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP)

LTNS 305 Latina/o Studies Creative Writing Workshop (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP)

LTNS 455 Resistance Literature of the Americas (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)

LTNS 560 Contemporary Latina/o Literature (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)

LTNS 679 Central American Literature: Roots to the Present (3 units) (UD-C, GP, SJ)

MGS 452/CWL 452/ENG 452 ( units) (GP)

MGS 555 ( units)

RRS 360 Our Stories: Literatures of Race and Resistance (3 units) (UD-C, AERM)

RRS 450/ARAB 450 Contemporary Arabic and Arab American Literature (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP)

WGS 541 Women Writers and Social Change (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)

WGS 548 ( units)

WGS 551/SXS 551 Queer Literatures and Media (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)

WGS 564 ( units)


Creative Process Area and/or Workshop Area (12 units)

C W 506 The Business of Creative Writing (3 units)

C W 507 Writing on the Body (3 units)

C W 508 ( units) (UD-C, ES)

C W 514 Contemporary World Poetry (3 units)

C W 520 Writers on Writing (3 units)

C W 550 Poetry Center Workshop (3 units)

C W 602 Playwriting (3 units)

C W 603 Short Story Writing (3 units)

C W 604 Poetry Writing (3 units)

C W 605/TH A 605 Writing and Performing Monologues (3 units)

C W 609 Directed Writing for B.A. Students (3 units)

C W 640 Transfer Literary Magazine (3 units)

C W 675 Community Projects in Literature (3 units)

C W 685 Projects in the Teaching of Creative Writing (3 units)

C W 699 Independent Study (1-3 units)