Certificate in Ethnic Studies Empowerment

The multidisciplinary Certificate in Ethnic Studies Empowerment examines histories of inequality and the power of community self-representation. The program requires students to think critically and nurtures a social consciousness while deepening a foundation of knowledge related to the multiple histories and cultures of communities of color within and outside the United States. Students take courses in the disciplines of Ethnic Studies: Africana Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Latina/Latino Studies and our comparative Race and Resistance Studies. The program develops critical analysis as students learn about the importance of history, science, culture, and community, providing a solid foundation to their academic studies and future community service.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify structural and institutional inequality in the treatment of communities of color and indigenous communities.

  2. Interpret social movements in the contestation of social hierarchies based on race, gender, sexuality, class, and/or other social determinants.

  3. Describe historical, cultural, economic, and comparative approaches to the study of race, class, gender, nation, and sexuality.

  4. Identify and articulate the power and principles of community-based research, arts, letters, and activism, and the self-determination of communities of color.

Certificate in Ethnic Studies Empowerment – 12 units

RRS/ETHS 110Critical Thinking and the Ethnic Studies Experience3
RRS 240All Power to the People: Comparative Freedom Movements of the "Sixties"3
RRS 276Race, Activism and Climate Justice3
RRS 280Disrupting Science Fiction: Race, Gender, and Alternative Futures3