Minor in Music

Music Minor — 15 units

In consultation with a music faculty advisor, students choose courses that meet the particular goals and educational attainment in music of the individual student.

Lower-Division Requirements (3 units)

Three units must be in lower division and may be completed at other institutions or at San Francisco State.  Students usually choose MUS 120 Basic Music I (3 units) or MUS 122 Basic Music I: Piano (3 units). Advanced piano students may choose MUS 201 Class Piano I (1 units) or MUS 202 Class Piano II (1 units).

Upper-Division Requirements (12 units)

Twelve of the total units must be in upper-division work and taken in residence at San Francisco State. Students usually choose from Ensembles: MUS 371-388, Intro and Survey courses: MUS 4xx and 5xx.
NOTE: Certain 4xx and 5xx courses are restricted to music majors. Please consult with a faculty advisor before enrolling.

All coursework used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0


Students with more developed piano skills may substitute other piano classes with the approval of the music minor advisor. These classes may include MUS 206 or MUS 301.


Students with extensive background in music may substitute more advanced courses.