Certificate in Music/Recording Industry

The Music/Recording Industry certificate program is designed for students who want to learn more about the music business and audio recording industry through a structured program of study. Musicians, producers, engineers, lawyers, agents, promoters, managers, and entertainment writers can benefit from this certificate focus. The certificate integrates technical skills in recording, business and legal aspects, along with production and distribution elements, to provide foundations in the music business and audio engineering fields.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a link between an aesthetic understanding of recorded music and the production of tangible goods for the marketplace.
  2. Differentiate among entertainment industry sectors and recognize the role of music recording within the larger industry.
  3. Differentiate between the roles of musician, producer and recording engineer in the music recording industry.
  4. Demonstrate preparation for entry-level employment in the music recording industry.

Music/Recording Industry, Certificate — 18-19 units

The certificate program requires completion of a minimum of 18 units. Nine of these units are to be taken from the general required courses listed below. Six units must be completed from either the Audio Engineering Pathway or the Music Business Pathway. The remaining units come from the listed Elective options.

Core Requirements (9 units)

BECA 231Audio Production Basics3
Select One:3
Introduction to Media
Survey of the History of Electronic Music
Select One:3
Internship in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts
Music Internship

Emphasis (6 units)

Choose Audio Engineering or Music Business

Audio Engineering Emphasis

Select Two:

BECA 330The Sound Studio I: Consoles & Signal Flow3
BECA 430The Sound Studio II: Recording & Mixing3
BECA 530The Sound Studio III: Music Production & Sound Design3

Music Business Emphasis

BECA 324Media Law3
BECA 423Media Economics: Entertainment, Platform, and Technology3

Elective Courses (3-4 units)

Select 3-4 units:

BECA 276Entertainment Career Preparation and Development3
BECA 305KSFS Radio and Podcasting I3
BECA 335Audio for Video3
BECA 351The Art of Voiceover3
BECA/JOUR 427Media Entrepreneurship3
BECA 428Media Management3
BECA 435Aesthetics of Sound3
BECA 505KSFS Radio and Podcasting II3
BECA 510Music Performance Recording and Production3
BECA 535Advanced Audio for Video3
BECA 536Creativity and Design Thinking in Electronic Media3
MUS 134Survey of Music for Film, TV, and Games3
MUS 433Introduction to Music Technology2
MUS 451Scoring for Games I3
MUS 453Scoring for Games II2
MUS 455Scoring for Film I3
MUS 457Scoring for Film II2
MUS 461Scoring for Virtual Reality2