Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies - LPPS Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Roadmap

This is a sample pathway for students who transfer to San Francisco State University in the current Bulletin year with an AA-T in Law, Public Policy and Society. All lower-division GE requirements have been satisfied. Check with a major advisor about the most appropriate course sequence. Degree completion guaranteed in 60 units; see the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) section for more information.

To Do at SF State:

Enough total units to reach 120 minimum for graduation; 30 units minimum at the upper-division level; to include the following:

University-Wide Requirements: 9 Units             

  • American Institutions (0 units): The AA-T in Law, Public Policy and Society Core includes courses that satisfy this requirement.
  • Upper-Division GE, Areas B, C, and D (9 units): Courses required for the major may double-count if approved for UD GE.
  • Students entering this major with an approved ADT are not required to fulfill SF State Studies requirements; also, because of the interdisciplinary nature of the major, students automatically fulfill the Complementary Studies requirement.

Liberal Studies Major: 42-43 Units

  • Core (6) – includes University GWAR course
  • Area Core Courses (24-25)
  • Electives (12) 

University Electives: 9 or More Units

Depends on course choices made at the community college, how transferred units are applied to the requirements above, and course choices at SF State - some courses may meet more than one requirement, e.g., in both UD GE and the major.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterUnits
LS 300GW Perspectives on Liberal Studies - GWAR (Major Core) 3
Interdisciplinary Humanities - Select One: 3
Thought and Image: Humanities
Critical Animal Studies
Social Justice Themes in the Interdisciplinary Humanities
Life Science (3 units) 1 3
Literature and Culture (3 units) 2 3
GE Area UD-B: Upper-Division Physical and/or Life Sciences 3
Second Semester
Communication Studies (3-4 units) 3 3-4
Physical Science (3 units) 4 3
Integrated Social Sciences (6 units) - Select Two 5 6
University Elective 3
Third Semester
Visual Studies - Select One: 3
Comics and Culture (C2)
Thought and Image: Creative Arts
Social Movements & the Arts for Future Teachers (SJ)
Electives (12 units) - Take Two 6 6
GE Area UD-C: Upper-Division Arts and/or Humanities 3
GE Area UD-D: Upper-Division Social Sciences 3
Fourth Semester
LS 690 Liberal Studies Senior Seminar (Major Capstone) 3
Electives (12 units) - Take Two 6 6
University Elective - Take Two 6
 Total Units60-61

Life Sciences (3 units)

Select One:

BIOL 300 Nature Study (3 units) (UD-B, ES)

BIOL 310 Biology for Today's World (3 units) (UD-B, ES)

BIOL 313 Principles of Ecology (3 units)

BIOL 326 Disease! (3 units) (UD-B, GP)

LS 430 Future of the Forests (3 units) (UD-B, ES, GP)

LS 440/HUM 440 Mind, Body, and Culture (3 units)


Literature and Culture (3 units)

Select One:

AA S 322 Chinese American Language and Literature (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, SJ)

AA S 332 Japanese American Art and Literature (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, SJ)

AA S 352 Filipina/o American Literature, Art, and Culture (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)

AA S 372 Vietnamese American Literature (3 units) (UD-C, AERM)

AA S 512 Asian American Children's/Adolescent Literature (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, SJ)

AFRS 645 Literature of the Harlem Renaissance (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)

CWL 440 "Typical American": Narratives of Multiculturalism in the Americas from 1492 to the Present (3 units) (UD-C, GP)

CWL 450 Literary Crossings (3 units) (UD-C, GP)

E ED 681 Teaching Language and Literature with Elementary and Middle School Students (3 units) (UD-C)

ENG 451/JS 451/CWL 451 Jewish Literature of the Americas (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP)

ENG 526 Age of the American Renaissance: 1830-1860 (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, SJ)

ENG 533/JS 437/CWL 437 Holocaust and Literature (3 units) (UD-C, GP, SJ)

ENG 535 Literature and Ecology (3 units) (UD-C, ES)

ENG 546/JS 546/WGS 546 20th Century American Jewish Women Writers (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP)

ENG 601 Literature and Psychology (3 units) (UD-C)

ENG 602 Literature, Identity, Society: Theoretical Approaches to Identity and Cultural Critique (3 units) (UD-C, AERM)

ENG 655 Literature and the Adolescent Reader (3 units) (AERM)

LS 450 Banned! Contested Protest Literature in Schools (3 units)

LTNS 560 Contemporary Latina/o Literature (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)

WGS 541 Women Writers and Social Change (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)

WGS 551/SXS 551 Queer Literatures and Media (3 units) (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)


Communication Studies (3-4 units)

Select One:

COMM 551 Persuasion (4 units)

COMM 552 Performance and Feminism (4 units)

COMM 553 Performance and Identity (4 units)

COMM 554 Performance of Children's Literature (4 units)

COMM 559 Theory and Practice in Advanced Public Speaking (4 units)

LS 403/COMM 557 Performance and Pedagogy of the Oppressed for Educators (3 units)


Physical Sciences (3 units)

Select One:

ERTH 325 Geology of the National Parks (3 units) (UD-B, ES)

ERTH 335 Global Warming (3 units) (UD-B, ES, GP)

ERTH 365 Extreme Weather in a Warming World (3 units) (UD-B, ES, GP)

LS 209 Physical Sciences for Elementary School Teachers (3 units) (B3)

LS 310 Science and Culture for Future Elementary School Teachers (3 units) (UD-B)


Integrated Social Sciences (6 units)

Select Two:

LS 200/AMST 200 Self, Place, and Knowing: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Inquiry (3 units) (E)
LS 401 International Development and Resource Justice (3 units) (UD-D, ES, GP)
LS 402 Introduction to Human Rights Education for Teachers and Local Communities (3 units) (UD-D, GP, SJ)
LS 404 Social Science and Medicine (3 units) (UD-D, GP)


Electives (12 units)

Choose one of the following options, in consultation with an advisor:

A. Complete at least 12 units that are part of a minor, certificate, or another major on campus. Suggested minors include Education, Special Education, any minor in Ethnic Studies, American Studies, California Studies, Comics Studies, Counseling, Holistic Health, Health Education, Earth Sciences, Communication Studies, Modern Languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Russian), Humanities, Math, History, Global Peace Studies, Criminal Justice Studies, and Women and Gender Studies. For double majoring, please consult a Liberal Studies adviser. 

B. Complete 12 units of additional courses (not already counted for the core) outlined in the Teacher Preparation Emphasis. See program website or adviser for a list of courses to choose from.

C. In consultation with a Liberal Studies faculty advisor, design and complete a 12-unit elective pattern.