Certificate in Migration and Refugee Studies

The Migration and Refugee Studies Certificate provides a foundational and interdisciplinary framework for understanding the economic, political and environmental displacement of people within countries and across borders. The goal of the certificate is to provide professionally-relevant coursework about the global impact of migration and refugee movements as well as an understanding of immigrant and refugee integration. The certificate contributes to preparation for careers in migration policy, public health, refugee resettlement, immigration law, diaspora politics, education and social justice as well as graduate studies.

Admissions Requirements

  • Upper-division standing 
  • GPA of 2.7

Please contact the IR Department to declare your intent to complete the certificate.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Gaining knowledge about dynamics of global migration and international and domestic policies on immigration and refugees.
  2. Acquiring a framework for understanding migrant and refugee experiences.

Certificate in Migration and Refugee Studies — 14 units minimum

Foundations: International Migration and Refugees (3-4 units)

Select One:

I R/PLSI 459Refugees in Global Perspective4
I R 734International Migration3
SOC 482Global Immigration and Immigrants3

Culminating Internship Experience (2 units)

I R 605Get Ready for a Career in International Relations2

Electives (9-11 units)

Select one course from each area. An additional Foundations course may be substituted for an elective.

Politics of Migration in the US

C J 490Immigration, Criminalization, and Justice3
HIST 461The United States and the World after 19133
I R/C J 306Crisis in Central America: U.S. Policy and the Root Causes of Chaos4
LTNS 470Latina/o Immigration to the U.S.3
PLSI 463The Politics of Immigration in the United States4
RRS/SOC 330Comparative Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.: Class, Gender, and Nation3

Immigrant Experiences: Equity, Dignity, Community

AA S 301Asian Americans of Mixed Heritages3
C J/LTNS 485Latina/o Youth, Crime, and Justice3
I R 259Children and Youth in International Relations4
I R/PLSI 544Women in the World4
LTNS 415Latina/o Economic Empowerment3
SOC 645Sociology of Latin America3
WGS 554Gender and Global Migration3

Cultures of Migration and Diaspora

CINE 309/LTNS 409Latina/o/x Cinema3
CWL 450Literary Crossings3
CWL 820Topics in Comparative Literature3
HIST/JS 317The Holocaust and Genocide3
I R 335Muslim Societies in Transnational Perspective4
JS/HIST/HUM 441American Jews and Popular Culture3
GER 600Mobility, Travel, and Identity in English3