Minor in Dance

Dance Minor — 18 units

Students seeking the minor in Dance must take the placement audition for the study of technique and pass into the next higher level of technique with permission of the instructor. For specific dates and times of the placement audition, please contact the School of Theatre and Dance at 415-338-1431 or http://theatredance.sfsu.edu. The Minor in Dance consists of a core curriculum of five courses (10 units) plus 8 units of electives on advisement. A total of 9 units in the minor must be upper-division. All course work used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Core Requirements (10 units)

DANC 170Integrated Dance Technique I3
Select One:3
Dance Composition: Choreography I
Issues in Dance Medicine I
Creative Process in Dance for Children
DANC 311Alignment/Pilates Mat1
Select One:3
Dance Aesthetics: Cultural/Historical Perspectives
Historical Survey of Dance in the Western World
Ethnography of Dance

Electives (8 units)

Choose from the following. A maximum of 4 units per Dance Technique class will count towards the minor. Other DANC courses may be substituted on advisement. Units from core courses not used to fulfill core requirements in any of the areas listed above may be taken as electives:

DANC 160African-Haitian Dance I1
DANC 163Ballet I1
DANC 173Modern Dance I1
DANC 176Modern Jazz Dance I1
DANC 207Dance in Cultural Context1
DANC 263Ballet I-II2
DANC 275Modern Dance I-II2
DANC 276Modern Jazz Dance I-II2
DANC 300GWDance Organizational Strategies and Field Topics - GWAR3
DANC 304Issues in Dance Medicine I3
DANC 311Alignment/Pilates Mat1
DANC 312Alignment Study/Pilates Mat II-III1
DANC 316Dunham Dance Technique2
DANC 363Ballet II-III2
DANC 374Modern Dance II - III2
DANC 376Modern Jazz Dance II - III2
DANC 399University Dance Theatre (4 units total)2
DANC 400Workshop in Contemporary Dance1
DANC 401Ballet Pointe and Partnering1
DANC 416Advanced Contemporary Dance Repertory and Skills1
DANC 434Dance Composition: Choreography II3
DANC 461Advanced Choreography and Production3
DANC 463Performance in Dance Production1
DANC 465Ballet IV2
DANC 474Modern Dance IV2
DANC 490Dance Theatre Workshop1-3
DANC 657Ethnography of Dance3
DANC 685Projects in the Teaching of Dance1-3
DANC 699Independent Study1-3