Met in Major

The requirements below are deemed “met in the major” upon completion of the courses listed (even though the courses are not approved for GE). This is true whether or not the student completes the major.


All Concentrations and Undeclared with an Interest in Biology
B1 (Physical Science) – CHEM 130 or CHEM 233
B2 (Life Science) – BIOL 240
B3 (Laboratory Science) – BIOL 240
UD-B (Physical and/or Life Sciences) – BIOL 355


Biochemistry and Undeclared with an Interest in Biochemistry
B1 (Physical Science) – CHEM 233
B2 (Life Science) – BIOL 240 or CHEM 341
B3 (Laboratory Science) – CHEM 234

Chemistry BA and BS or Undeclared with an Interest in Chemistry
B1 (Physical Science) – CHEM 233
B3 (Laboratory Science) – CHEM 234

Design, School of

Visual Communication Design and
Industrial Design: Concentration in Product Design and Development
UD-C (Arts) – DES 356  Effective Fall 2020


Nutrition and Dietetics: Concentration in Dietetics and Nutrition Science
B1 (Physical Science) – CHEM 130
B2 (Life Science) – BIOL 210 and BIOL 220
B3 (Laboratory Science) – CHEM 115 and BIOL 211


All Concentrations
A3 (Critical Thinking) – ENGR 205 and either ENGR 201 or ENGR 213
UD-B (Physical Science) – ENGR 300 and either ENGR 301 or ENGR 302

Environmental Studies

All Degrees and Undeclared with an Interest in Environmental Studies
B1 (Physical Science) – CHEM 115 and CHEM 380
B2 (Life Science) – BIOL 240 or BIOL 313
B3 (Laboratory Science) – BIOL 240 or BIOL 313


All Concentrations and Undeclared with an Interest in Kinesiology
B2 (Life Science) – BIOL 212 and either BIOL 220 or BIOL 328


Bachelor of Music
(Arts) – MUS 221, MUS 222, and MUS 223
UD-C (Arts) – Any two of MUS 550, MUS 551, and MUS 552


All Degrees
(Social Sciences), AERM, SJ – NURS 522 and NURS 530

All Degrees and Undeclared with interest in Nursing
B2 (Life Science) – BIOL 210 and either BIOL 212 or BIOL 220