College of Health and Social Sciences

The College of Health and Social Sciences was established in 1995 as the College of Health and Human Services. It is organized into the following administrative areas: Child and Adolescent Development; Family, Interiors, Nutrition & Apparel (FINA); Counseling; Criminal Justice Studies; Public Health; Kinesiology; Nursing; Physical Therapy and Clinical Laboratory Science; Recreation, Parks, and Tourism; Social Work; Sociology and Sexuality Studies; and the School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, which houses Environmental Studies; Gerontology; Public Administration; and Urban Studies and Planning.

Mission of the College of Health and Social Sciences

The College of Health and Social Sciences prepares students to help solve the most pressing and enduring issues confronting the well-being of individuals, families, communities, and society. Students, faculty, and staff participate in a learning process that fosters excellence in their professions and supports them in the pursuit of equity and social justice. To advance this mission, the College is committed to innovative teaching, scholarship, and service that inspires leadership for positive social change.

Vision of Scholarship

Consistent with the social justice mission of the University, the hallmark of the College of Health and Social Sciences is its belief in the potential of scholarship to right a wrong - an act of intellectual advocacy to serve the public good, to wrestle with critical social problems, and to transform how individuals, communities, and institutions function – by disseminating the knowledge from basic, translational, and applied research and by advancing the practice of specific disciplines. This vision is best achieved when scholarship is supported as a faculty-initiated and faculty-driven process that emerges from their intellectual curiosity, expertise, social engagement, and professional identity. To affirm the breadth of faculty interests and to honor the spectrum of academic disciplines, the College embraces an inclusive view of scholarship as discovery, integration, application, teaching, and engagement. Among the qualities valued in scholarship, the College supports work that is ethical, innovative, interdisciplinary, collaborative, theoretical and applied.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts

  • Child and Adolescent Development 08231
    • Concentrations in:
      • Early Childhood
      • School Age Child and Family
      • Youth Work and Out of School Time
  • Criminal Justice Studies 21051
  • Environmental Studies 49101
  • Family and Consumer Sciences 13011
  • Family and Community Sciences 13011
  • Social Work 21041
  • Sociology 22081
  • Urban Studies and Planning 22141

Bachelor of Science

Undergraduate students interested in physical therapy may take a supporting major in one of the concentrations under the B.S. in Kinesiology or a major in biological sciences.

  • Apparel Design and Merchandising 13031
    • Concentrations in:
      • Design
      • Merchandising
  • Nutrition and Dietetics 13061
    • Concentrations in:
      • Dietetics and Nutrition Science
      • Foods and Community Nutrition
  • Environmental Studies 49101
    • Concentration in:
      • Natural Resource Management and Conservation
  • Health Education 12011
  • Interior Design 02031
  • Kinesiology 08351
    • Concentrations in:
      • Exercise and Movement Sciences
      • Physical Education
  • Nursing Pre-Licensure 12031
  • Nursing (RN-to-Nursing Degree) 12032
  • Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration 21031

Minor Programs

  • Athletic Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Criminal Justice Studies
  • Health Education
  • Holistic Health
  • Human Sexuality Studies
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies
  • Recreation
  • Sociology
  • Urban Studies and Planning
  • Women's Health Issues

Undergraduate Certificates

  • Climate Change Causes, Impacts, and Solutions
  • Conflict Resolution (offered jointly by the Colleges of Business, Ethnic Studies, Health and Social Sciences, and Liberal & Creative Arts)
  • Holistic Health (offered by Public Health through the College of Extended Learning)
  • Youth and Human Services Non-profit Agency Administration (offered by Recreation, Parks, and Tourism)

Master of Arts

  • Family and Consumer Sciences 13011
  • Gerontology 21043
  • Human Sexuality Studies 49019

Master of Public Administration 21021

Master of Public Health 12141

Master of Science

  • Counseling 08261
  • Counseling
    • Concentration in
      • Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling 13051
  • Kinesiology 08351
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling 12220
  • Nursing 12031
    • Concentration in
      • Family Nurse Practitioner 12032
  • Recreation, Parks, and Tourism 21031

Master of Social Work 21041

Doctor of Physical Therapy 12122

The Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)  program is offered jointly with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Graduate Certificates

  • Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Dietetics (offered by Department of Family, Interiors, Nutrition & Apparel (FINA))
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Movement Science
  • Physical Activity: Social Scientific Perspectives
  • Rehabilitation Counseling

Accreditation and Credentials

  • Pupil Personnel Services (offered by Counseling and Social Work)

All of the programs subject to national accreditation are accredited: Public Administration by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration; Clinical Laboratory Science by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences; Counseling by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs; Dietetics by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; Apparel Design and Merchandising, Dietetics, Interior Design, and Family and Consumer Sciences by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences; Nursing by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education; Physical Therapy by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education; Public Health by the Council on Education for Public Health; Recreation, Parks, and Tourism by the National Recreation and Park Association; Rehabilitation Counseling by the Council on Rehabilitation Education; and Social Work by the Council on Social Work Education. Nursing is also approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. The Gerontology program meets the guidelines of the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE).

College Administrative Offices

Title Officer Office Telephone
Dean Dr. Alvin N. Alvarez HSS 204 338-3326
Associate Dean Dr. John P. Elia HSS 239 405-3533

College Directory

Department/Program Chair/Director Office Telephone
Child and Adolescent DevelopmentLinda PlatasSCI 394405-3564
Clinical Laboratory ScienceSusan KazarianSCI 202338-2332
CounselingDr. Rebecca ToporekBH 524338-2005
Criminal Justice StudiesDr. Elizabeth BrownHSS 261405-4129
Family, Interiors, Nutrition & ApparelDr. Gus VouchilasBH 329338-2060
KinesiologyDr. Matt Lee GYM 101338-2244
Marian Wright Edelman InstituteDr. David Anderson HSS 257338-6976
NursingDr. Elaine MusselmanBH 371338-6855
Physical Therapy Graduate ProgramDr. Linda WanekHHS 118338-2001
Public HealthDr. Marty MartinsonHSS 326338-1413
Recreation, Parks, and TourismDr. Erik RosegardHSS 307338-2030
Sociology and Sexuality StudiesDr. Karen Hossfeld HSS 370405-3570
Social WorkDr. Jerry Shapiro HSS 214338-1003

School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement

Director: Jasper Rubin

Program Coordinator Office Telephone
Environmental Studies Dr. Glenn Fieldman HSS 210 338-1149
Gerontology Dr. Darlene Yee HSS 242 338-1684
Public Administration Dr. Jennifer Shea DTC 679 817-4458
Urban Studies and Planning Dr. Jasper Rubin HSS 261 405-4129