Middle East & Islamic Studies (MEIS)

MEIS 260 Turkish Cultures and Identities (Units: 3)

Prerequisite: ENG 114 or equivalent or consent of the instructor.

Exploration of major developments in the history of Turkic communities around the globe from the rise of the Ottoman Empire to the present. Topics include religion, politics, literature, arts, traditions and customs.

Course Attributes:

  • Global Perspectives
  • C2: Humanities

MEIS 290 Introduction to Turkish Literature in Translation (Units: 3)

Study of Turkish poetry, short stories, and novels in English translation.

Course Attributes:

  • C3 or C2: Humanities/Lit.
  • Global Perspectives
  • C2: Humanities

MEIS 300 Foundations in Middle East and Islamic Studies (Units: 3)

Prerequisites: GE Areas A1*, A2*, A3*, and B4* all with grades of C- or better or consent of the instructor.

Introductory, interdisciplinary study of the cultures, politics, and histories of the Middle East, North Africa, and other Muslim societies.

Course Attributes:

  • UD-D: Social Sciences
  • Global Perspectives
  • E1 LLD Pre-Fall 2019

MEIS 301 Islam: Interpretation and Practice (Units: 3)

Prerequisites: GE Areas A1, A2, A3, and B4 or consent of the instructor.

Introduction to the origin, spread and early writings of Islam, and an overview of the diversity of contemporary Islamic practice around the globe.

Course Attributes:

  • Am. Ethnic & Racial Minorities
  • UD-C: Arts and/or Humanities
  • Global Perspectives

MEIS 431 Constructing Kurdistan (Units: 4)

Prerequisites: Upper-division standing; PLSI 250 or PLSI 410 or HIST 381 or I R 323 or I R 324 or MEIS 300; or consent of the instructor.

Examines Kurdish nation- and state-building efforts in Iraq and Turkey in the 20th and early centuries. Includes introduction to theories on nationalism, state formation, social movements, and ethnic conflict.
(This course is offered as PLSI 431 and MEIS 431. Students may not repeat the course under an alternate prefix.)

Course Attributes:

  • Global Perspectives

MEIS 433 Model Arab League (Units: 4)

Prerequisites: Upper-division standing; MEIS 300 or I R 324 or PLSI 410; or consent of the instructor.

Seminar focusing on select countries in the Arab world, which students represent at delegates at regional Model Arab League (MAL) conferences. Preparation of case study papers, policy briefs and MAL resolutions for various councils at the MAL. Training in parliamentary procedure and public speaking. May be repeated for a total of 8 units.
(This course is offered as I R 433 and MEIS 433. Students may not repeat the course under an alternate prefix.)

MEIS 685 Projects in Teaching MEIS (Units: 1-3)

Prerequisite: A current matriculated student in good standing, who has already completed the regular instructionally related class, or its equivalent, with a grade of B or better, for which the student will function as an aide.

Students work as teaching assistants to instructors and receive training in teaching Middle East and Islamic Studies. Responsibilities include working with supervising faculty, assisting in preparing course material, tutoring students, and conducting small group discussions in class. (Students may earn a maximum of 4 units toward the baccalaureate degree for any course(s) numbered 685 regardless of discipline.) (CR/NC grading only)

MEIS 699 Independent Study (Units: 1-3)

Prerequisites: Overall GPA of 3.0 or better and consent of the supervising faculty member and the Middle East and Islamic Studies director.

Study is planned, developed and completed under the direction of a member of the Middle East and Islamic Studies advisor.