Minor in Art History

The Minor in Art History gives students the opportunity to learn about the visual cultures of the past and present around the globe. The 18-unit degree offers a series of increasingly focused courses—200 level survey courses, more specialized 300 and 400 level lecture courses, and a 500 level Advanced Topics—in which students learn how to analyze and interpret visual art within diverse historical, social, political, and cultural contexts. The program takes advantage of the Bay Area's rich cultural resources, galleries, and museums. It provides students with skills and knowledge that will complement many other disciplines and major fields of study within the University. It enhances students’ career outlook by providing a versatile skill set including strong writing, oral communication, critical thinking and visual literacy, which are in demand in a variety of professions in the media, arts, and culture/service/education industries. Admission to the Minor is open to all students with upper division standing and who have completed the two lower-division required courses (either two lower-division Art History courses or one lower-division Art History and one lower-division Studio Art course) with a minimum grade of C.

Art History Minor – 18 units

Lower-Division Requirements (6 units)

Select either two Art History courses or one Art History and one Studio Art course:

Art History
ARTH 201Western Art History I3
ARTH 202Western Art History II3
ARTH/HUM 205Asian Art History3
Studio Art
ART 210Introduction to Digital Media Arts3
ART 222Introduction to Textile Art3
ART 231Drawing I3
ART 235Printmaking I3
ART 240Introduction to Contemporary Sculpture3
ART 245Introduction to Ceramics3
ART 260Photography I3

Before advancing to the 300 and higher level courses, all minors must have completed the University's lower-division requirements and the lower-division courses for their major or equivalent.

Upper-Division 300-400 Level Art History Requirements (9 units)

ARTH 306Modern and Contemporary Art in a Global Context: 1945-Present3
ARTH 401/CLAR 420Greek Art and Archaeology3
ARTH 402/CLAR 425Roman Art and Archaeology3
ARTH 403/SXS 405Queer Art History3
ARTH/HUM 405Art, Literature, and Power in the Renaissance3
ARTH 406Renaissance Art3
ARTH 416
ARTH 417The Art and Architecture of Islam3
ARTH 418Art History: Ancient to 19th Century - Special Areas3
ARTH 419Art History: 20th and 21st Century - Special Areas3
ARTH 421Art History: Global Perspectives - Special Areas3

500-Level Art History (3 units)

ARTH 516Advanced Topics in Art History3